Batman Begins
Batman Begins
PG-13 | 15 June 2005 (USA)
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Driven by tragedy, billionaire Bruce Wayne dedicates his life to uncovering and defeating the corruption that plagues his home, Gotham City. Unable to work within the system, he instead creates a new identity, a symbol of fear for the criminal underworld - The Batman.




Tells a fascinating and unsettling true story, and does so well, without pretending to have all the answers.

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Portia Hilton

Blistering performances.

Sarita Rafferty

There are moments that feel comical, some horrific, and some downright inspiring but the tonal shifts hardly matter as the end results come to a film that's perfect for this time.

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After the crash because of Batman's last movie before The Dark Knight trilogy that didn't really reflect the impression of a real Batman movie, Christopher Nolan makes something like that in the three series of The Dark Knight. Tim Burton's Batman I think is very good where he shows some of the great actors such as Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson and was a comic appreciation in the form of the best movie ever and this is it, a superhero film directed by a genius of Christopher Nolan and the result is not disappointing.Batman Begins is one of the real superhero movies. The film depicts a picture of Batman's character as a dark, gloomy, creepy, yet fantastic. Christopher Nolan built all those elements into a gothic style which was also shown by Tim Burton himself in his Batman series. At first, I only know this figure from people who often talk about it and honestly, I've never seen it on local television. I only know his name but didn't know the source and anything else. But, I've watched Batman Begins and I know that.This film takes the set with a non-linear pattern like the typical style of Christopher Nolan that will be told in turn. The setting takes in Bruce Wayne character as a child who witnessed his parents being killed before his eyes. Bruce learned how to fight and take it, face the greatest fear of a bat, until learning how to overlook the past. It's your typical superhero-based movie, the protagonist who lost his parents, the beginning of their appearance is considered as a villain and the things that are in the superhero movie.Batman Begins takes the background of a city called Gotham where the city is ruled by evil, another satirical social issue to brings into reality but kinda dark. The protagonist who presents two different characters does have the deepening of the well-development character and for me, this is why the superhero movie existed. Initially, I didn't feel sympathy for the character of Bruce Wayne where I prefer his character as Batman but towards the story, it's gradually moving to two characters with contradictory sympathy. It's not like the character of Bruce Wayne loved by the people in this film where the Batman character is the superhero of Gotham city but these two characters are both likable and there is no sense too keep their exaggeration.Batman Begins uses a plot based on the Batman story but this film doesn't always focus on the characters of Bruce Wayne nor Batman. By adding a supporting character that develops the story and strengthens the protagonist, its passage turns into a more realistic Batman who also attends as a character portraying other superheroes. Christopher Nolan always adorns his films with a hurt protagonist and has a profound mistake on every character and in Batman Begins, all of that is shown from the dilemma that Bruce Wayne must face to the intensity of drama that surrounds him. I also didn't know that Batman is a compilation and summary of a ninja where Batman is the underlying character of it.If talking about Batman then we don't forget the actor who plays it from behind the scenes and we are talking about Christian Bale with his great performance and memorable as Batman character. His performance is convincing and supported by other famous actors such as Liam Neeson, Michael Cane, Gary Oldman, Ken Watanabe, and Morgan Freeman. Love that character played by Cillian Murphy but one thing that fails is the character immediately lost in the climax. Gary Oldman also has a memorable role as a partner of Batman himself, Ken Watanabe is not too explored, Liam Neeson is great too, and Morgan Freeman as well. All the actors I think fit with their respective roles and I hope, the next movie still has the same actors and the role as well.Batman Begins shows as a film that resurrected the Batman franchise and became one of the films that created a variety of influent to the films that tried to follow the technique of Nolan as well. It's darker, portraying the Batman's bleak character figure as well as the urban city, the cinematographic, the actor, and some of the humor that exists. Bottom line, it's great to start with this The Dark Knight trilogy and the second with three series will be coming.

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Batman is back in black! Last seen about 8 years ago in the disastrous Batman & Robin, Christopher Nolan took it under his wing to reboot the franchise in a darker, fresher manner-- he showed the crew Blade Runner before shooting to give an idea of what he wanted to do. Now it's the norm for superhero movies to be darker and more realistic (and James Bond films for that matter), but Batman Begins is where it starts.It's not until after an hour into the film where we truly see Batman in all his glorious armor. What was going on beforehand? An amazingly told origin story in typical non-linear fashion from (my favorite director) Nolan. The film starts with hundreds of flashing bats, and from there we are transported into a world with a Gotham we haven't seen before. Wayne Towers is at the center of this crumbling city as the Waynes do their best to help however they can with such acts as building a cheap train that loops around the city. We also travel to the beautifully cold Tibet where Bruce Wayne trains in ninja-fashion to not just overcome his childhood fear of bats, but to embrace it under the guidance of the superb Liam Neeson, a mercenary following orders from Ken Watanabe's Ra's al Ghul.Christopher Nolan hails from Her Majesty's nation, and he brings plenty of actors with him. Christian Bale utilizes the new tone with a unique Batman voice that may put some fans at unease, but a voice that I believe perfectly captures the idea behind the franchise. And on that note of an idea, what marvels (sorry, wrong comics) me is how Batman is approached. He is so much more than a vigilante in a mask-- he is a symbol of hope for the citizens, and of fear for the criminals. This carries through the fear-driven film and throughout the trilogy to unseen levels of depth in a superhero story. But back to the characters, Michael Caine is the most charming Alfred imaginable (but I do look forward to Jeremy Irons), and Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman provide trustworthy allies in Lucius Fox and Jim Gordon, respectively, that drives the franchise past the shortcomings of even Tim Burton's Batman with his fat, pointless Gordon. I will admit, Rachel becomes much better after Katie Holmes departs after this film. And I must include mention of Cillian Murphy, playing as Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow, who brings such energy and crazy charm with his hypnotizing blue eyes (seriously, Nolan made him take off his glasses whenever he could just to show off his eyes).The scenes are well-developed, especially Batman's drug bust and capture of Falcone. With the fight scenes, the super-fast editing shows the quickness and stealth and blink-and-you'll-miss-it aspect of Batman, but it also makes it quite difficult to understand what's going on. While I understand what you were going for, Mr. Nolan, I do appreciate that you dropped this technique for the sequels.Outside of the fight scenes, what you can depend on Nolan for the most is the excellent dialogue. I have complimented previous films for the subtlety and what is said without saying anything, but with Nolan helping out with the script as he normally does; we are treated to lines that are never wasted and complimented by awesome one-liners (utilized better in the sequels too).I think there has been some lost appreciation due to films later like Iron Man, and of course The Dark Knight. The failing, light-hearted, toy-heavy franchise truly came to life in this reboot. It is not the best from Nolan, Hans Zimmer, and regular actor Michael Caine, but it set the bar and the tone to scramble the gears of how these films were perceived; and thus setting up not only one of the best superhero movies, but one of the best ever in The Dark Knight. But do not overlook the clever first entry in The Dark Knight trilogy.

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This review contains spoilers.Batman Begins is directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne. Batman Begins is about Batman's origin story where he begins his journey as a superhero vigilante. Bruce Wayne learns from the League of Shadows and later thwarts a plot to destroy Gotham.The movie is a great high budget entertainment flick. From the beginning of the movie, the audience can follow Bruce Wayne's story. He is self-exiled and trains under the League of Shadows. Bruce keeps his moral code and refuses to kill which leads to an impressive scene of his escape. The movie continues its good use of cinematography and directing. Christopher Nolan does a good job with the set pieces here. There is never a technically incompetent done shot or edit. The actors all do a good job with their lines with the obvious stand-out being Christian Bale. Christian Bale does a great job in the role and he could be the best portrayal of Batman in cinema.The soundtrack and sound design all present each scene appropriately. The audience can feel the intensity in the scene and the beats. Hans Zimmer does a great job in collaborating with Christopher Nolan to deliver an audio and visual experience.There are some flaws with the movie which lie in its flow and writing. Some scenes could have been lead up to better. These scenes spontaneously introduce the action. Likewise the dialogue especially with Scarecrow could have been written better.These are minor issues and Batman Begins is a recommended movie for all audiences.

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After the 1990s Batman cartoons ended their run on TV and the first Batman film series went downhill (courtesy of the Joel Schumacher films), I was a little curious when I heard there was going to be a new Batman in 2005. Would it outdo the originals? Would it redeem the franchise? Some might say their favorite Batman is Michael Keaton, but Christian Bale is my second-favorite with Kevin Conroy as the first (albeit in voice). Not only did this movie redeem the franchise, it brought a lot of familiar faces to the cast, including Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Liam Neeson. One thing I noticed about the Chris Nolan Batman films was that it's more realistic than the past Batman adaptations and the characters are more modern-day types. The villains lost their over-the-top motifs and are less supernatural (look at Ra's Al Ghul). Plus the Batmobile is more modern than the sports car type we were so used to seeing previously (Hope that didn't spoil anything!).But the action is there and we get a more true origin story of Bruce Wayne, the man who would become Batman. It gets better as you watch the film from start to finish. This is the more serious Batman (and less of an action comedy with all the ridiculous puns and campiness). So forget the Joel Schumacher Batman films and try something a lot less gaudy and something darker and more serious. This movie got me back into Batman and it worked. Now Batman is my favorite of all the DC superheroes. He's the most realistic guy since Marvel's Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man).

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