Billy Elliot
Billy Elliot
PG-13 | 28 September 2000 (USA)
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Set against the background of the 1984 Miners' Strike, 11-year-old Billy Elliot stumbles out of the boxing ring and onto the ballet floor. He faces many trials and triumphs as he strives to conquer his family's set ways, inner conflict, and standing on his toes.


I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much

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The Worst Film Ever




There are moments in this movie where the great movie it could've been peek out... They're fleeting, here, but they're worth savoring, and they happen often enough to make it worth your while.

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Evan Wessman (CinematicInceptions)

This is one of the only feature films I've seen that is about kids but not geared for kids (the only other that comes to mind is Stand By Me). This sort of combination is found a lot in independent shorts, and it just goes to show how kids are forced into an unkind world well before most of their parents would wish them to. It's unfortunate, because this portrays a child's journey of following his dreams pretty realistically in my opinion, whereas a movie with a lower MPAA rating would give a more romantic take on it and be "kid friendly" but also potentially misleading.What the movie does a very nice job of that I am only realizing now is how it shows the way that ballet affects Billy's life. Ballet changes *what* Billy is, not *who* he is-- his life views and his circumstances, yes, but not who he is as at his core. Ballet, his previously undiscovered passion, gives him something to confirm his identity with, but does not bring about any great changes within him on a emotional or moral level. Instead, it brings about change in those around him and gives them a new perspective and hope, namely his dad. The relationship between Billy and his dad was a little shakier. There's a common belief among screenwriters that third act problems originate in the first act, and I think that holds true here. Billy and his dad's relationship seems like it begins right when the movie does, which may be true given the recent death of Billy's mother. The only things that were used to establish their dynamic were social norms, which is not intrinsically bad, but immediate family members don't relate to each other based solely on social norms no matter how non-existent their relationship is. I don't want to totally bash the father-son portrayal here, because it actually avoids most of the common and annoying tropes that come with such movies. But there was definitely a foundation missing.It was surprisingly entertaining to see Billy discovering his love of dancing. Jamie Bell owns his performance in this respect, conveying an unashamed love of dance without coming off as a "poof". As a young man who has had many passion hobbies (one of which is analyzing movies), I could see a lot of parallels between my own experiences and those of Billy becoming a dancer. It begins with some uncertainty as to whether he likes it and whether he's any good at it, then a fear of whether he wants to identify with his new passion, then embracing ballet internally while hiding it from those close to him. Granted, my own hobbies have not been met with such resistance as Billy's but there's always a bit of a fear that they will.I would recommend anyone over 13 seeing this. Yes, there's a lot of language, but trust me, it's nothing a 13 year old hasn't heard. The same goes for the homosexual motifs. There are things about it that I think could have been better, but it was pretty good overall with some great emotional themes and an innocent undertone amidst hopeless circumstances. Overall Rating: 8/10.

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Nicole C

The character development and Bell's acting were really superb. The film was well made and edited as it perfectly captured the struggles that Billy face and takes the audience along on the ride that is his life. Bell too, accurately showed his character's frustrations and inability to stop dancing as the passion burned in him.The acting from the other actors and actresses were pretty good, though I would have to say not on par with Bell's. They got into their characters well enough, however it felt awkward at times, especially when Lewis as Elliot's father was trying to act really angry, it felt staged to me.The chemistry between the actors felt really real. Elliot's friendship with Michael was so sweet that I almost died inside. Elliot's relationship with the rest of the characters too, was well displayed.The dancing element to this was really cool; Bell can really dance. I liked that the dancing was incorporated into all kinds of scenes as it enhanced the different moods being displayed. The ending though did not have a lot of dancing, was a great way to end.I also loved the fact that the film is based on how boys should not do 'girly' stuff like ballet, and instead should do 'manly' stuff like football and whatnot. Take those gender stereotypes and gender intensification, and stuff it somewhere else.One down side to this story though, was that I did not really get what was happening in the community except that there was a strike. I was a bit unsure as to what the father and brother were doing, and why they didn't really get along with Billy. That was a bit shaky to me.Read more of my reviews at

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Sugar Cookies

This is the story about a boy who succeeds in making his dream come true under difficult conditions. The boy's father makes his son Billy go to a boxing school because he wants his son to be strong man. However, Billy saw the girls who learn ballet by chance. He always likes dancing with songs in his home more than hitting people such as boxing or wrestling. He decides to join the ballet lesson in secrecy and his ballet teacher recommends him to go to ballet school in London. When his father finds out that his son learning ballet, he becomes very angry. At the beginning of the film, the family's bond is weak and looks fragile, but gradually they are reunited with each other. The film made me laugh and touched me deeply. It has great characters and the memorable stories.

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A good film that is dramatized a lot.Look at the scene in which Billy gets a call from school, and he leans back in the chair relieved with a sigh and there is a dramatic score that plays in the background, we all know that he is going to make it, at least I knew he is going to make it but I do not think it need to be that dramatized. So barring the melodrama this is a good movie in parts and touches a few right chords, like Billy's emphatic exhibition of Ballet to get a school admission or his dad saying "he is just 11 years old, lets give him a chance" these made me feel nevertheless but yet those moments were just not enough yet. Jamie Bell at his age, gave a supreme performance and it's a real tough thing for a 12 year boy to learn and perform ballet. Perhaps thats one of the reasons more than anything that this movie got a wide recognition. The script is good and so is the cinematography yet, there is something that makes the movie fall, and it is the editing. Remove the dramatic pieces and cut it down by 15 minutes, this wold have been a great film. Yet, the way it is, it is just good. Also, the music could have been toned down a bit to make the whole thing realThis film can be termed as a good self help movie as it helps us understand that if we have passion in something, mostly things fall in place and help us to pursue the passion. At least, that's what happened with Billy Elliot. Also a mention of Julie Walters as Mrs. Wilkinson, she was good each time and great few times.Overall, a good film yet not a recommended one. A 3/5 only for this.

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