Planet Earth II
Planet Earth II
| 06 November 2016 (USA)
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A decade ago, Planet Earth redefined natural history filmmaking, giving us the ultimate portrait of life on Earth. Ten years on, the unprecedented advances in both filming technology and our understanding of the natural world, means we can once again reveal our planet from a completely new perspective. In the most ambitious landmark to date, Planet Earth II allows us to experience the world from the viewpoint of the animals themselves. Journeying through jungles, deserts, mountains, islands, grasslands and cities, this series explores the unique characters of Earth’s most iconic habitats and the extraordinary ways animals survive within them. Captured in an unparalleled level of detail, for the very first time we can truly immerse the viewer in incredible landscapes and share the most dramatic moments in animals’ lives. From spellbinding wildlife spectacle to intimate encounters with amazing animals, Planet Earth II will take you closer than ever before.

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good back-story, and good acting


If the ambition is to provide two hours of instantly forgettable, popcorn-munching escapism, it succeeds.

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In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.

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Robert Joyner

The plot isn't so bad, but the pace of storytelling is too slow which makes people bored. Certain moments are so obvious and unnecessary for the main plot. I would've fast-forwarded those moments if it was an online streaming. The ending looks like implying a sequel, not sure if this movie will get one

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Have a positive emotion towards this tv show.for the way they have consistent flow

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Anshuman Singh

Every frame is a painting by itself. I am watching this is 4K and it is amazing.

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What's up with the slow motion? Animals do not move in slow motion in nature.What's up with the audio effects? As far as I can remember, in real life, when there is a violent conflict between two beings, there are no slamming sounds, no biting sounds, etc.The only thing missing on this show is that they should now add reality-TV-like production cuts to this series. Then, I am sure, the show will win awards.Seriously....

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OneEightNine Media

So I am five episodes in and I'm hooked. I have not watched any of the first Planet Earth series or any of the spin off Planet Earth shows, so I couldn't tell you how these compares but I'm loving it. It is all about the production value. Watching high definition nature is just awesome. I'm not entirely convinced about the sound editing and some of the scenes seem edited in a way to force a story but whatever, it is better than most of the garbage on television. Oh, and I have to talk about the music score because it is inspired. The timing of the instrumentals used puts most modern feature length films to shame. Long story short, this series rocks.

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