Step Up All In
Step Up All In
PG-13 | 16 July 2014 (USA)
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All-stars from the previous Step Up installments come together in glittering Las Vegas, battling for a victory that could define their dreams and their careers.


Sorry, this movie sucks


Absolutely the worst movie.


If the ambition is to provide two hours of instantly forgettable, popcorn-munching escapism, it succeeds.

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I wanted to like it more than I actually did... But much of the humor totally escaped me and I walked out only mildly impressed.

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Last time I watched a Step Up movie, I watched the 3rd movie without watching the 2nd. Now, I watch this installment without watching the 4th movie, and I still haven't watched the 2nd movie!This movie apparently is where the "All-Stars" come, even though Channing Tatum and Nora are still out of the picture. The gateway character in this series has always been, and always will be, Camille, who is returnee Moose's girlfriend. As such, I'm glad she's held up as long as she has. But this cast team deals more with the sequel characters like Sean, Moose, and other characters I'm not gonna go look up because I'm too lazy. Anyway, enough bullshït. This is my review for Step Up All In.The movie starts with what it's like to try to make a living through dancing, which is correct. It IS hard to make it in the entertainment world, so stuff like this movie happen. Not much of the plot makes it to the realm of goodness though as the new romances in the film are banal and/or predictable. Camille/ Moose is more fleshed out because it had time to develop, but it's something I wish more of happened. The plot seemed random at times too, unlike the first movie when it developed pretty well and even the 3rd movie's plot had some bone to it. This had no substance at some points, and at others, it was okay, so overall the story is inconsistent.The music, dancing, and choreography, however, was, as usual, very well-done and it keeps the movie entertaining. Then again, that's what I'd expect from a series that got my attention with the reality show "So You Think You Can Dance". This series, along with She's the Man, was also my introduction to Channing Tatum and I've come to like him as an actor since. The dancing can be seen in the film as usual and it is a thrill ride.So overall, if you like this series or dance films in general, by all means watch this, but be prepared to be disappointed by the haphazard plot. Looking at the end though, I think the series should end here out of respect.

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The very beginning of the movie says it all and this movie is filled with a sad bunch of pathetic dancers that haven't been able to transcend from the very tacky dance movie to anything meaningful so they continue to grasp at this franchise and shame on the producers of recycling a cast that don't even remotely have the talent of real dancers or actors.Same cast from the last 3-4 movies all still pushing the exact same moves without the flare or innovation that is coming out of real crews in the world right now. I mean seriously the robot guy again. Yeah lets see his 1 move again and give him another 10 second clip of him doing his head trick. Same lame tricks from breakers that don't even remotely cut it. How about you hire dancers that work their ass off from Battle of the Year. Oh wait, they wouldn't be caught in such a lame movie. It would be degrading to their art. And Moose. Again? Yeah same half ass attempt at popping.The choreography in this movie is just sad. Absolutely no wow factor. Same old moves and lacks anything even remotely innovative and in honesty that's what we really watch the movie for. We know the storyline is going to be crap. We know the acting will be horrible. They are dancers, not actors. We get it but the dancing is really bad and that's what all the reviews are on about. If you look back at You Got Served. The storyline sucked but the choreography from a movie that is 10 years old absolutely DESTROYS any choreography from the last 3 Step Up movies.Really hope this franchise dies off cause it's just sad to see the state of dance represented this way.

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Prem wagle

Wow for and step up movie this is what we have already seen in previous installments. With slick choreography all too often interrupted by feeble attempts at plot, Step Up: All In would be more fun with all of its dialog's edited out. Dancers struggling to make a living with dancing. Haven't we had lots of it in step up.Step up was all about surrounding its lively and kinetic dance sequences but in this movie there aren't so special places like in revolution only dance sequence that made me feel sits an step up movies was Moose (Adam Sevani) taking them to his office for shooting video to enter The Vortex. Other were just the lame stage when dancers dance like its a reality TV we are watching (Unfortunately the vortex was a reality TV show.It seemed like dancing seemed to fade away in every step up sequel. I Personally felt the dancing wasn't so good as previous installments (Not that it was so bad just didn't lived up-to the hype that i was hoping).All in wasn't completely all in. and it could have been a lot better than it was made so don't spoil the next installment with the same generic story as always if there is going to be any.

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Vlad Sandu

Bad starting, music sounds like crap and the club is looking not so awesome. For a start, bad move for the director. Like the club scene but it doesn't look like something that I want to see. It's way to weak!I don't feel that on going passion that must be as it were in the past Step-up series! That's bad. The leader of the winning team (kind of) starts weak. It's all right for starting but he must been more motivated and trustful. Doesn't inspire the viewer in any way!Moose? From nowhere, must play better, doesn't fit with the screenplay but I like him! Funny, they try to create something that they already did. Duh!What did you think about guys? Taking some actors from the last Step-up movies will do this one better? Try again! Bad decision!Dance battles? Slow. Thought that I will be impressed! They do a Vortex thing without knowing something about what does it mean! Duh!That electrify dance. Worse than ever. Makes me puke. What the...happened to he movie I sometimes known?The Vortex starts like from nowhere. I mean, what's this?Not the Step-up I know. No story, not the emotion that has to bring. I feel disappointed about this movie. Waited for something more beautiful.One message for the director of this movie: "Try better, you worked for nothing in this movie!"

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