TV-PG | 02 January 2013 (USA)

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    To me, this movie is perfection.


    Pretty Good


    A different way of telling a story


    I wanted to like it more than I actually did... But much of the humor totally escaped me and I walked out only mildly impressed.

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    I like this a lot, but i thought cameras were not invented in Africa times.

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    Aminch Shahi

    Since the first episode to last - its an amazing ride , with vast scenery and good depth of knowledge of Africa. Not only it shows the wildlife but it shows how the change in climate and world population is affect each one of them. It also very elegantly shows the local people and how they are trying to help the biodiversity. David did very well on narrating and presenting the wildlife. The story of some animals really touch you heart. An as a Bio scientist myself - its was amazing to see yet another making look of Africa it was time we just get to see Africa since it so vast. The series director and producers and rest of the crew definitely did a master piece on this, i remember looking forward for each episode and truly sad its over...for now. Its truly a beautiful series.. Deserves a title next to Planet Earth.

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    Planet earth has held the title for a long time as the best of Attenborough but ever since Africa has been released i personally have come to the conclusion of this series superiority, the updated camera work, the general renewal and new insights to animals behavior as individuals and as a society. Episode 4-Cape has raised the bar for all environmental/educational series to come, the diversity within each episode gives a viewer a sense of Range, scale and mass of the ecological system that is being reviewed and recorded. the variation from each environment allows a comparison to be made from Blue Whales to Monkey Beatles. the 'Eye to eye' segment of each episode allows the viewer to get an insight into the difficulty of the recordings and techniques used. The new best of Attenborough!

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    Lucky enough to have seen the first three (To date) episodes in this wonderful new BBC wildlife series I can safely say that the BBC still rules the genre. This series explores not just the wildlife, which it does with brand new spectacular scenes, but also the relationship of the ecosystem with the geology and unpredictable weather systems and natural events. The production team have taken extraordinary measures to provide us with breath-taking scenes and amazing footage, using the latest technology and techniques. So far this season has kept my family, including our 4yr old granddaughter fixed, silently to the screen! The addition of the "Eye to Eye" excerpt at the end of each episode goes a little way to help us understand how these production teams make these shows, and for me, I always look forward to seeing what they are prepared to do to get "the shot of a lifetime." Wonderful stuff...

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