TV-MA | 04 March 2013 (USA)

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    People are voting emotionally.


    I don't have all the words right now but this film is a work of art.

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    When a movie has you begging for it to end not even half way through it's pure crap. We've all seen this movie and this characters millions of times, nothing new in it. Don't waste your time.

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    The movie really just wants to entertain people.


    I'll start with the positives. It seems to be brilliantly written and keeps you guessing throughout. The chemistry between the two main detectives is excellent and the backdrop and drama are excellent. Well worth watching for sure.The slight negatives are how inept the two main detectives are, unless this is on purpose?The other major flaw is that detectives don't walk all over a crime scene looking for evidence and chase after suspects without ever calling anything in. They ask the wrong questions, they are blinkered and don't do or learn anything as they go along.In summary. Very entertaining but slightly unbelievable in many areas.Still, best type of drama for a long time, 2nd only to line of duty

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    Broadchurch is just incredible. Colman and Tennant are great as the leads, but Whittaker and Buchan are equally as good in their supporting roles. Great acting, writing, cinematography, and music. 10/10

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    Pretty much what the title says. The first two seasons are fantastic. Well acted, compelling, interesting. Third season feels like someone decided that men are weak, selfish, bad parents and so on. Every male character falls into that category, including the male lead. Women tend to be more victims who persevere despite all the wrongdoings of the males.Literally, not a single male character is safe. Even the child (teen) characters tend to be portrayed in negative light. This wouldn't have been noticeable if at least one or two characters wouldn't fall into this category, but no.Don't misunderstand. I'm all for strong female characters, female-centric shows and so on. I loved The Good Wife, Resident Evil, Game of Thrones, The Americans and Into the Badlands. But any show that wants to make female characters appear strong by making all the males extremely flawed, is not my cup of tea.

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    Broadchurch Is Denfinetly The Best Drama I've Seen. It Is A Very Atmosheric Show, Which Is Conveyed By The Stunning Musical Score, And The Way The Actors Portray Their Roles As Well As The Brilliant Dialogue. The Cast Is Stellar And The Story Line Is Just So Gripping That You Cannot Be Torn Away From It. The Plot Develops Quite Slowly But It Is Worth Watching All The Way Through. The Locations & The Cinematic Element To The Show Also Gives It An Exellent Dynamic. Whilst Broadchurch Is A Dark Show There Are Also Momments Of Humour Too. Tennant & Colman Add Another Amazing Dynamic To The Show. Everthing About The Show Is Simply A Masterpeice, From The Acting, The Music, The Script, And The Beautiful Dorset Cliffs

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