CSI: Miami
CSI: Miami
TV-14 | 23 September 2002 (USA)

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    Plenty to Like, Plenty to Dislike

    Verity Robins

    Great movie. Not sure what people expected but I found it highly entertaining.

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    Rosie Searle

    It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.

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    This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.

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    Emily and Eva lack acting skills here, any emotion and just seems to be soooo fake and hollow in all possible ways. Oh yeah, they dress very nice and even sexy, but their acting parts as high IQ CSI's and their looks and voices just don't match at all. Their acting is hollow, uncomfortable and honesty they do not look bright enough to even write a speeding ticket, much less to be CSI's.David Caruso's Horatio is completely robotic motionless, DRY and sometimes enerving but better than Emily and Eva.CSI Las Vegas is the best. That is a great show.

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    Mark Turner

    Just like the complete CSI series being released in a single set so too is this one coming out. Like the original we follow the forensic unit of another police department, this time in Miami. We also find a group of agents working together to corral the bad guys, to gather evidence and to arrest said bad guys to put in jail. The same format was used but its own twist was added.To start with was the look. Miami had a golden tint to the entire series, a yellow and orange palette that gave everything that sunny Florida look to it. The flavors of the area were apparent in each episode as well depicting Miami as a party town filled to overflowing with bikini clad babes and T-shirt wearing muscle bound bouncers at clubs. Every week a party was going on somewhere.At the head of this team was someone completely unlike Gil Grissom of CSI. Lt. Horatio Caine (David Caruso) was the calm, cool head of the department, knowledgeable in the science needed but more inclined to take to the street in pursuit of a criminal. Each episode usually opened with the crime scene, the CSI team showing up and a double entendre dropped by Caine as he slowly put his shades on only to have the quiet disrupted by the scream of Roger Daltry and the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" blaring from the screen.The catch phrases and sunglass slinging became so familiar that it wasn't long until they were pillaged. Memes began to break out online showing a 4 panel set up for some political commentary or joke that always featured the last two panels nearly alike, one with Caine and a catch phrase, the last with YEAHHHH over a shot of Miami. Certainly there was some humor to the scenes as the series went forward with it happening each year, but while the show was hot few made light of it.The cast here felt like it had more personal problems presented than the original series though both featured story lines involving their characters. Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Proctor) had personal issues involving a romance with a fellow detective. Eric Delko (Adam Rodriquez) had a minor substance abuse issue and his sister Marisol ended up marrying Caine before she was shot down by criminals out to get Caine. Tim Speedle (Rory Cochrane) always seemed to have issues with the way things were handled. Rounding out the most long term cast member list was Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander) the pathologist who always talked to the corpses calling them "baby" and looking for clues to help catch culprits.The series ran for ten seasons and ran 232 episodes. There were episodes where they crossed over with the other CSI shows both in Vegas and New York. Those were always a treat because the first part would air on one show and the follow up on the other. In a world where we're growing accustomed to a "Marvel Universe" this was the same sort of set up, a cross pollinating world of forensic police officers determined to aide one another in search of justice.As with my review for the original series there was no way I could honestly sit down and watch every single episode before writing this review. So picking out a few here and there over the years, trying to get a glimpse at the different casts that changed as time went on I found that the series, like its predecessor, never grew stale. Each episode was top notch in the technical department and the acting never failed to keep the bar high. I imagine that after some time a person would tire of the same role but it didn't mean that the fans had lost interests. As with most series a shuffling of schedules to accommodate the next big thing will lead to a ratings decline and if memory serves me that's what happened here. Still, ten seasons is nothing to shake a stick at. As a matter of fact a BBC article noted that this series was the world's most popular series ranking in the top ten in a number of countries in 2005.One thing that's interesting to note is that the show this one was dropped so that there was room on the schedule for it lasted only one season. Yet another great example of the poor judgement of executives in higher offices. I wonder if they were the same ones that shuffled the series POLICE SQUAD to different nights over a 5 week period and then canceled it never realizing how popular it was until the NAKED GUN films came out and did huge box office.Fans of the show will be delighted to pick this set up. Not only will you get the entire series in a nicely packaged edition but it will take up less shelf space as well. In addition to that are hours of extras that will please fans. Binge watching the series may take a few weeks but that's okay for those of us who enjoyed the show. Just don't wake up the neighbors as each show starts and you find yourself screaming out loud with Daltry as the show opens.

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    The first second third and fourth season of this show are absolutely masterpiece excellent characters excellent cinematography excellent dialogue and excellent case history background history like the one with Horatio s brother sadly season 5 and 6 are not that great , season 7 even more , season 8 and 9 i don't know which one is worse , at least season 10 is not that bad as season 8 and 9 the reason why i love the series so much (no matter the latest season that wasn't that good) its because the Horatio's character and Caruso's interpretation the perfect symbolism of a local hero he wasn't a cop he was a hero and at least in the first 5 season the made him a hero that was broken inside with a very interesting history and handle really whell a lot of sentimentalism a lot of hard choices and it was a series with really good messages you have to see the 10 episode of the 3 season about how the American people of Miami want to reject the latinamerican people and the crew fight against this stupid Donald trump type of revolution or the episode where Horatio stops a pedofile or when he helps a retard its absolutely masterpiece nothing compare to it so sentimental..and just for that 10/10 and it makes me sad that the rest of the people don't see it that way ...so stupid

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    I haven't had a chance to watch this show for about 4 years because I've been so busy... However, I recently got Netflix and have caught up... I will say that a few years ago, this was my favorite of the CSI's. However, I can't believe they took this show in such a bad direction the last 2 seasons!... This show sucks ass!!! I am so glad it ended!!! All of the police brutality, bad attitudes, lack of following the law and just plain stupidity put this show in the shitter... I can't believe that this show stayed on the last 3 seasons; it gave cops a bad name and I've never seen any show do that, LOL, dumb asses! Again, I'm so glad it ended!

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