| 19 February 1985 (USA)
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  • Reviews

    Perfect cast and a good story

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    A story that's too fascinating to pass by...

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    A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.

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    I enjoyed watching this film and would recommend other to give it a try , (as I am) but this movie, although enjoyable to watch due to the better than average acting fails to add anything new to its storyline that is all too familiar to these types of movies.

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    As a former fan of this show, it's rather sad for me to admit that this show has definitely gone downhill with lazier writing.Before, EastEnders use to tackle a variety of things but made sure that it was built up instead of just popping out of nowhere. The cast also seemed more believable at the time and they've always managed to keep their viewers interested and entertained by clever pacing, twists, characters, performances and overall pacing.Unfortunately, even EastEnders cannot stand on it's two feet for that long anymore. It has gotten to be pretty lazy with repetitive affair plots, pregnancy plots etc. For how repetitive the writing can be, it can also make it pretty unrealistic and that applies to he newer cast as well which is a shame because some characters like Vincent are really good.Do I think this show can still improve? It depends on whether they can cook up something fresh or new because otherwise I'd say they need to take a break.

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    I love EastEnders so much that this is 1 out of about 5 favorite shows all the actors/actresses are so amazing that they make it real and understandable for people to know what is going on in that episode,sometime the scene are emotional and some can be just for fun also sometime I think that they try to get a message out for people like in one of the last few episode I feel like they try to tell you that you should always tell the truth no matter how bad the situation is how it might make people feel but as long as you get it out there people won't be able to say that you kept it to yourself to long and that it makes you really guilty.

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    How can people be addicted to this rubbish. It's the same old story lines, just mixed up, repeated and revolved, over and over again. I bet the producers have a list that goes something like this . . . argument, divorce, fight, name calling, awkward moment, bankruptcy, pub standoff, family feud, an affair, a car accident, an unwanted person from the past turning up, a troublemaker, a mafia type guy, a bad boy thing happening, a faulty toaster etc . . . I think that The Sun red-top newspaper lovers or The Daily Sport readers in England would probably argue otherwise - but I would guess that they just cycle through a list of tragedies and film a few weeks in advance, because there is redundant cinematography, dogmatic camera angles and filming techniques, plus just the same old list of tragedies cycling week in, week out, with the odd awkward happy moment being used as contrast between the 10 odd tragedies being thrust at us in blocks. I have been forced to watch Eastenders on many a Christmas meal visiting relatives in England. Everybody sits on the sofa at the time of the airing, where electricity is drawn from France as the show is so popular, then in the meantime I am subjected to what is like reading through the Daily Sport's past year back issues whilst witnessing a kind of public execution in originality and taste. It is torture much more arduous than physical forms of torture. It is like watching a chef making instant noodles and everyone clapping and saying "Yay, what a great meal that was!" If I had to sum this show up in a sentence, I'd say that it is 'predictable Daily Sport (red tabloid shock headline) material translated into video'. It has become a parody of Britain's view on negative events as being somehow more 'realistic' than positive events. Other shows are following suit on the revolving tragedy storyline method, and who can blame them as it works, because there are enough people addicted to drama not to see the monotony in it all, such as coronation street and Emmerdale farm have. Again, who can blame them. But really, can't people see the commercial spin of weaving these same old dramatic situations week in, week out? Or is it just me - is it wrong for me to feel bored watching the 127th affair, or 245th family argument or the 1245th shouting match?

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    Eastenders used to claim that it was the soap that everyone was talking about but in recent times they're only talking about how bad it's decline has been. Poor characters, wooden dialogue and ridiculous plots have seen it's rivals overtake it in terms of the public's affections...and awards.To be fair to the new executive producer, changes seem to be being made and some of the weaker characters are being pointed towards the door (or black cab) with some a bit unfairly. Old faces are being re-introduced and some shock value being pushed more. Even Danny Dyer has made a positive impact so who knows, soon the soap may reclaim it's place at the top. For me though there is still a long way to go.

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