TV-PG | 16 October 1972 (USA)
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    You won't be disappointed!


    The Age of Commercialism


    Redundant and unnecessary.


    Please don't spend money on this.


    People may complain about Emmerdale having become 'urbane' in recent years and moving away from it's so-called rural charm...But these clips showing a racist attack in Leeds from December 1992, will show you just how modern and urbane the show had already become as the 90s kicked in......and to think that people thought that before the plane crash of 1993, all the show consisted of was Annie making tea and baking bread, and Jack & Joe milking a cow and sheepdipping... definitely not so...! :)http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2zfkam

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    Emmerdale is by far the best soap on TV. The story lines are not far fetched and ridiculous but not weak and boring. All the characters have their own uniqueness and the whole show oozes charm and cosiness. The recent storyline of Katey and Grays baby had me captivated all the time it was running.I think this show is often pushed aside when bigger soaps operas like Eastenders and Coronation Street are thrown into the picture. But really Eastenders has dried up and is pity full to watch, And Coronation Street never really captured my attention.Emmerdale is a cheerful, sweet, easy going soap opera and should be around for a long time to come. God willing.

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    Andy B

    Professor Stahlman's comment on here is inaccurate. True, Emmerdale Farm became Emmerdale in November 1989, but Phil Redmond's time on the soap was in the early 1990s, and the plane crash storyline took place in December 1993 and January 1994.For the first few years after 1989, the renamed show was pretty much as it had always been, but with an increased youth content and a gradual reducing of story lines revolving around Emmerdale Farm itself.1993 was the pivotal year in bringing about the show as we know it today - with Emmerdale farm house collapsing due to subsidence and the plane crash.Personally, I think modern day Emmerdale is nothing like Emmerdale Farm or the early years of Emmerdale (pre-plane crash).I would love ITV to repeat old episodes, particularly those showing the introduction of Al Dixon as Walter in 1980, Richard Thorp as Alan Turner in 1982, Tony Pitts as Archie Brooks in 1983 and Diana Davies as Mrs Bates (1984).ITV should show lots and lots of old Emmerdale Farm episodes in my opinion.

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    ross robinson

    Emmerdale is a great soap i think. It all started in 1972, the gave it a name at first as they called it Emmerdale Farm, then suddenly they changed it to Emmerdale. I give Emmerdale 10 out of 10 because i just think that it is such a great soap.

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