Family Guy
Family Guy
TV-14 | 31 January 1999 (USA)

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    This movie is the proof that the world is becoming a sick and dumb place

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    As Good As It Gets


    Although it has its amusing moments, in eneral the plot does not convince.

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    It's an amazing and heartbreaking story.


    Let's face it. Whether you like it or not, Family Guy was once a good show. The cutaways were funny, the plots were funny, and the overall show was just..funny. But then it wasn't, as the show decreased in humor and focused on ratings trap episodes and just bland and boring plots. It fell from grace, but let's all remember how it was once good. Once.

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    Family Guy is a long running animated program that has had an huge impact on pop culture. The show brought a nice mix of sitcom tropes, black comedy, "low-brow" humor, intelligent jokes, and gags. I've been watching since 2007, "Stewie Kills Lois" was my first episode, and I've been hooked ever since. However, the show has been running out of steam.I wasn't even around for the original run, but I think pre-cancellation episodes are superior to what we have now. They milked every opportunity for a joke they could. Nowadays, they just make lame observations or overdone celebrity comparisons, even when the plot screams absurdity. "Saturated Fat Guy" for example, had so many chances to play off of Peter's unhealthy habits, but it just fell flat. The scene where Peter thought about how successful his junk food business could be could've been home to some funny visuals, like him living in a mansion made of junk food, and diving in a pool of soda or beer. Instead, we got some line about a celebrity being sad on a ride. The jokes used to be clever, but recently, they over-explain them or give away the punchline in the delivery, which kills the momentum.Also, since Season 4, they've had scenes where the characters just stand around and talk about nothing for minutes on end. I think they're going for a "Seinfeld Conversation" kind of thing but it doesn't mesh well with the show's fast paced style. The show's use of black comedy has also downgraded. They're no punchline or point to the dark events on the show, they just happen and we're supposed to laugh. Just like a joke about a lamp can be lame, a joke about a dead baby can too. The pilot episode, for example, had a great joke about Hitler being jealous of a Jew at the gym. And for 1/3 of the show's run, Stewie would stop at nothing to kill his mother Lois, which was a goldmine of dark comedy. Nowadays, they do things like having Peter brutally slaying a whale for no good reason and blowing up children's hospitals just because. I will say the violence in the recent Quentin Tatrintino episode was great because it was a nice parody of his style. Also, they just list racial stereotypes now instead of playing with them like they use to.The show is still pretty good, but ironically, they lost their edge while trying to be edgier. The recent season seems to be getting back on the right track, especially with the story arcs and "experiment" episodes. Here's to many great FG episodes to come.

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    John Brooks

    Picture the scenario of a one-man show: the most full of himself guy you can imagine, with an unoriginal sense of humor shaped or straightup plagiarized from the Simpsons and co., with a good singing voice, good with impressions, who's so in love with himself he managed to make part of America and then the world fall in love with him too. A one-trick pony that lasted way, way past its deadline and expiration date and is...still going ?The 3 points /10 I'll award the show come from a pleasant first experience with it way back when it came out. Stewie's concept was funny (although...Charlie Brown ?), the drawings appealing, and the episodes were genuinely well crafted. But eventually, past that 3rd perhaps 4th season, it turns to utter garbage, and beyond. I think around season 6 is some of the worst humor I've ever come across in my entire life of watching shows and movies. It was self-indulgent if you ever heard that expression, not even trying, just, totally in love with itself and unable to tell which way is left and which is right. And yet: people still bought into it, because they'd been won over when it counted by characters they now loved and wanted to see more of; while it didn't matter what they were doing or saying anymore. Obviously !Seth Macfarlane is without a doubt a hoax. Not to mention a crook. He's a charlatan who sold the good old American traditional value image only to go full-on liberal in a way so gratuitous actual liberals got disgusted with it pretty quickly. Seth Macfarlane is a very good businessman, an opportunist, and a big phony. He's got about 2 or 3 talents, and then 11 or 12 flaws. Family Guy probably should've lasted 5 seasons before calling it quits because it was nothing more than an open catalog of rehashed Simpsons jokes, Macfarlane going crazy with mics in his little studio room, all tossed into a framework that is fun for a while but grows old all too quickly. It's one of those shows that, when you get how terrible it really is, even looking back the older stuff wasn't actually as good as you'd initially thought: the show only got the benefit of the surprise element but really turns into powder puff in a second.

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    I love the show but cant watch as a survivor of child abuse i find the hebert pervert character insulting and sickening you allow this character to walk free in your show and allude to his acceptance in the neighborhood allude to him getting time alone with chris and other children does he rape chris? i suspect yes paedophilia is not funny stop if this repulsive character remains then have something really crappy happen to him every episode i love the boundaries you push but back the fuck off on this one stop i will take this farther if there are not improvements this season you have the sicko singing songs and dancing and staring out a window with a boner staring at children when everyone in the neighborhood should be laying the boots to him stop seth too sick even for you

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