Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Jimmy Kimmel Live!
TV-14 | 26 January 2003 (USA)
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    Nice effects though.


    i must have seen a different film!!

    Kirandeep Yoder

    The joyful confection is coated in a sparkly gloss, bright enough to gleam from the darkest, most cynical corners.

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    The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.

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    I love this show and I find Jimmy Kimmell very funny. However, lately the whole damn show revolves around Donald Trump. Jimmy, you were never so political before and it has come time to stop. A few jokes and poking fun is fine. But, your monologue every night is all about Donald Trump. He actually won the election. Let it go. Stop acting like all the crazy Hollyweird lefties. Again, I find you very talented and very funny with sincerity. I appreciate when you share your feelings without blaming the government. Don Rickles was very funny and you never knew his politics. I used to never know yours and I respected you for that but lately the show has done a 180 and I really don't care for it. Let's all laugh and joke at something, anything else and not politics. See you on my DVR. Praying for your baby boy. Take care

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    POOP jimmy kimmel and his show he the most unfunniest person on the planet seriously he's useless he makes people pull on stunts just for money!!! that's really sad and one time he made someone get beat up and you make money out of this that really upsets me JIMMY!!!!! and i hope you are seeing this review too let you know how a mean spirited and selfish guy you are and i hope you show gets canceled that's enough for now.

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    Jimmy Kimmel is talented and extremely hilarious, as from what I've seen so far from YouTube solely. His monologues never fail to make me laugh, and he has creative ideas added to the show. The way he interviews and the way he talks is pleasantly humorous, although sometimes I must admit that he went a bit too far and became quite mean, as Leno commented. Another thing is that his interviews lack of depth and clear insights, which means that after the show, I do not feel that I have learned something. However, his jokes and his honesty overcompensate such drawbacks, so I still turn to his show frequently. Even though he does not interview big guests like Fallon, watching Kimmel is much more enjoyable actually.

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    Michael J. Santos

    We just went to see Jimmy Kimmel Live last night(2-24-05) and we thought it was great ! Very professional production. Didn't have to wait in line very long, like some other tapings. Security was good also.As far as the show is concerned - I think it is just as funny as its competitors. The Cousin Sal bits are hilarious. Uncle Frank is a really nice guy too ! If you are in the area, I would suggest getting tickets.The audience isn't very large. Only about 100 people. The Band is great and the sound system is superb.I hat this 10 line rule. Again, I think this is a great hour of late night television.

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