| 10 September 1978 (USA)
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    Wonderful character development!


    As Good As It Gets


    It’s an especially fun movie from a director and cast who are clearly having a good time allowing themselves to let loose.

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    The performances transcend the film's tropes, grounding it in characters that feel more complete than this subgenre often produces.

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    Ronald Linthout

    This was a great series. Full marks ! Leibman is perfectly cast as the attorney with a temperament. Only one season was made, but I recall watching this on Dutch television in the 70s. Every episode stands out and Kaz is in fact a "pro deo" attorney who gets to defend people no one else want to do. O'Neal is great too as Kaz's associate and acts as Kaz's sidekick. A lot of lawyer series were made: Perry Mason, The Defenders, Petrocelli and others, but this one has an edge. The lead character is charismatic. This superb series needs to be released on DVD ! If you can catch it in a re-run, don't miss it ! They don't make 'm like that anymore... for god's sake release it on DVD.

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    His arch-enemy was a police officer who arrested him before his incarceration-- Kaz injured him trying to escape, and "now" the cop has a permanent limp.He holds a grudge against Kaz and makes his job harder. Kaz has tried to make amends, but the guy just ain't hearing it. Why do I remember these things? Life would be easier if I forgot Kaz and remembered where I put my car keys.

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    Buck Aroo

    I remember this series very well.Goofy teethed Ron Liebman starred as a convict who while in prison, for what I don't remember, studies law. When he is released he becomes a fully fledged legal-eagle, and sets about championing the causes of the down at heel. All very very believable stuff indeed. It was almost like a naughty version of Petrocelli, but without the unfinished house. It is especially memorable to me because of it's intro sequence, which featured animated still photos, which seemed to be the in thing with title sequences back in the '70s; ie, Baretta, Police Woman etc.

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