Planet Earth
Planet Earth
TV-PG | 05 March 2006 (USA)

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    Waste of time


    It's a mild crowd pleaser for people who are exhausted by blockbusters.

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    This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.

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    It is both painfully honest and laugh-out-loud funny at the same time.

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    As I wrote in my summary, this is a worth watch television documentary series at least for nature/wildlife/geography/documentary lovers. The documentary shows the planet earth in the most beautiful way. Whether it is a desert or a forest, winter or spring, ocean or peak of the mountain everything is stunningly pictured. The life of different animals and organisms shown so effectively that one can feel while watching. The time lapse videos, the aerial views, camera movements, etc. made it great. One man who enriched the documentary with his narration, David Attenborough, no one can replace him.Highly recommended to watch the series to experience the planet earth ever before, definitely the best made nature or wildlife documentary series of its time.

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    The original TV show consists of 11 hour long episodes of some of the most stunning nature cinematography and harrowing real life-and-death struggles. One should definitely get the British version with David Attenborough narrating to get that old nature documentary feel. The scope is global and the visuals are cinematic. It is a thing of utter beauty. There are 3 additional episodes called Planet Earth: The Future and it's best to avoid those. It's a lot of talking heads saying the same thing from slightly different angles. I understand the motive to push for nature conservation but pushing too hard comes off as being preachy. There is greater power to show the beauty of nature. One can always insert the ugliness of human destruction without having talking heads drone on about it. The original 11 episodes are as close to perfection as TV nature documentaries can get.

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    The whole thing is remarkable. It is by far one of the best documentarie I have ever seen. The big question is: is it all real? Did they use CGI in any of that? They were able to shoot amazing things which are very unlikely to happen in front of a camera. A lizard running above the water? A spider inside a plant in the equatorial forest? An electrical creature at more than 300atm down below? I wish it is all true and we are actually experiencing miracles of nature. Is that so? I ask my friends of BBC to tell me the extent of greatness which is actually provided by facts and what is the fruit of our imagination (regardless of its beauty). In any way, it's a must see. Beauty is universal. Alfeu

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    I am not a wildlife documentary fan, but this series was so astonishingly amazing that it had me in awe. Everything about this series, from the visuals to the music, is better than almost anything I have seen before. 'Planet Earth' had everything perfectly done, managing to keep anyone watching glued to the screen, listening to David Attenborough's voice, the tense music and taking in the most amazing television visuals there have ever been.The directing and the camera work of the documentary are too amazing to describe. The crew have been all around the world, filming things I would consider impossible in the perfect lighting and angles in the amazing span of a mere five years. And they was filmed high definition too. No wonder this is the most expensive documentary ever commissioned by the BBC. I can't even imagine the hard work the director, Alastair Fothergill, and the rest of the crew had to go through to create such a perfect looking documentary.The writing is obviously needed. Gary Parker and David Attenborough have contributed the most. Without their writing, Attenborough's narrating wouldn't be even close to how interesting and appropriate it is. Attenborough, as always, is the perfect voice to use in 'Planet Earth'. He creates the calm but majestic feel the documentary needs. His informative voice makes everything seem ten times more interesting. The tone he uses is simply perfect, raising his voice in the appropriate scenes and sounding constantly genuinely interested in what he is describing.The music creates the needed atmosphere for the series. It is constantly there in the background, unnoticeable but necessary. It is usually calm and peaceful, suiting both the visuals and Attenborough's voice. When needed, the music will change to entirely different, but equally as good, pieces. It grows loud and exciting when there is a hunt or battle between creatures, and becomes beautiful and majestic with landscape visuals and scenes of plants growing. I believe that George Fenton's music is the most under-appreciated thing about this documentary. It is a truly brilliant composition.The above mentioned cast and crew would still be nothing without the rest. Every single one of the crew is needed. They all hugely contributed to this documentary. Surely this is the most worked on series of all time? I mean, it's perfect in basically every way it needs to be. It creates the perfect atmosphere, visuals and general feeling for the series. It couldn't be better. This series has looked into almost every corner of the Earth and has discussed some of its most interesting subjects. It has left documentaries afterwards with huge shoes to fill and satisfy.Overall, this is simply the most amazing documentary ever made. This is the only series where I have rated every episode as 10/10. If it weren't for all of the more stubborn and obnoxious Breaking Bad fans giving this series 1/10s after it had finished just to raise it to the number one spot, this'd be number one, and rightfully so. As much as I love Breaking Bad, this show deserves the number one spot. The 1/10s for this series shot up after Breaking Bad. But that doesn't matter because we all know just how good this documentary is. I have never been so in awe in my life before this series. Astonishing.

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