| 06 May 1999 (USA)
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    I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much

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    I love this movie so much


    Absolutely Fantastic


    If you like to be scared, if you like to laugh, and if you like to learn a thing or two at the movies, this absolutely cannot be missed.

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    Roger Sharp

    Since this series has long been and gone, and several other reviewers have described it perfectly, I'll just make a few brief points. Anyone who has ever spent time working in the environment this series is set in will appreciate just how hard it can be to distinguish between Doctors and Patients. Psychos works because it captures the very essence of the subject. At the same time it allows both the story line and characters to develop in a way that pushes the very edges of the boundaries of reality. Are units like this staffed by people like this? No. Does the program portray the essential nature of all those involved? Absolutely.It's worth pointing out that the series is now available on DVD.

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    The posters drew me in and then I watched and just felt overwhelmed. I know it had a lot of criticism - for its title and handling of subject matter - but for those of us who watched utterly transfixed by the nuanced performances and its approach to such difficult material the lack of a second series or its release on video/DVD is a nightmare. How long will my videotapes hold out from replaying!!!Many of those not already established when this came out have since cropped up in other excellent dramatic works: Douglas Henshall, who for a brief time seemed to be everywhere, surely deserved something for his magnificent performance here (can I confess that I can't hear Talking Heads 'Once in a lifetime' without seeing the image of Henshall as Dr Nash, slumped on his bed with the rabbit... if you saw it you will know what I mean!). Neve McIntosh was just stunning and Alastair Mackenzie was compelling as the steadily unravelling Shug. If you find it, see it.

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    Psychos, a drama set in the psychiatric unit of a Scottish Hospital was a totally brilliant series. The title referred to the doctors, not the patients. Douglas Henshall as Dr Daniel Nash and Neve McIntosh as Dr Kate Millar played a mismatched pair of co-workers.Nash is a doctor whose life is in worse shape than his patients, whereas Millar is a committed and self assured junior doctor. Friends of mine involved in psychiatric work believed the series to be very realistic. Originally it was thought that this would run for a second series, sadly it was not meant to be. The series was criticized mainly for its title and also for its content. Last year I wrote to channel 4 and asked if they were going to release Psychos as a video. They replied they had no plans to do so.This is a great loss both to those who have never seen the series and to those who like me who would have loved to have seen it again.The series was originally broadcast first on a Wednesday evening and repeated on the following Saturday. Unfortunately it has not been repeated since.

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    I am a recently qualified hospital-based psychiatrist. I stumbled across this show late one night on a public television network.It is brilliant. I am eminently aware that it offended many, and that the very conservative Royal College of Psychiatrists condemned it. But I suppose this has to do with its gritty truthfulness. I can relate extremely well to my dedicated, overworked, fragile, and always human colleagues in the show.Real, disturbing, and extremely enjoyable. Doesn't pretend to whitewash the mentally ill and those who treat them with some politically correct brush intended to placate the easily-offended and all-too-influential consumer-survivor lobby.If it were available on video or DVD I would by it. Can't say that for too many films or television shows.

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