Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray
| 18 September 2006 (USA)
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    To me, this movie is perfection.




    This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.

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    Erica Derrick

    By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.

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    I'm sure if you're a stay-at-home mother from the Bible Belt or a homosexual you will love Rachael's show. Everybody else will see it for what it is: another example of crass, overblown, intelligence-insulting American television claptrap. I have no clue why American television needs to be shrill, overblown, hammy and unwatchable. Everybody screams or overacts and Rachael Ray is a prime example.Sadly, all of these daytime talk shows are one and the same with the same formula regardless if Oprah Winfrey's Empire was responsible for it. However, as long as there's a steady stream of stay-at-home mothers from the Bible Belt and homosexuals out there, these shows will continue to thrive. They enjoy the non-stop motormouth of Rachael and her equally loud guests. At least when Jesse Palmer shows up he doesn't overact; he's Canadian, after all.Avoid unless you're the typical Oprah fan.

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    Eddi St James

    I've been a fan of Rachael's since the beginning of 30MM on the Food Network, so I have seen her grow over the years. The minute I saw her interact with Oprah, I predicted that this show would happen, because I saw how taken Oprah is with her, and with good reason: she comes across as very natural, and willing to laugh at herself, which is very engaging. The set is appealing, and there are some fresh ideas (I love the lazy Susan that the audience sits on). There's just enough of a celebrity segment, and she stays away from controversy and debate (there's enough of that on daytime TV). The show is a lighthearted escape, and she hasn't moved away from her strength (cooking), which is very good planning. I know there are people who hate her and hate her show; that's OK, you can't please everybody. And somehow, I think Rachael knows and accepts that. So just turn the channel; I don't think she'd mind.

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    OK, so I loved Rachael Ray before, but now, I ADORE her! How innovative. I love that she has a cooking section- I admit that occasionally I skip that part, only because it makes me WAAAY too hungry! But I also love that you can get the next day's grocery list on her website. I love that she has regular helpers and that she's made some of her viewers become her regulars. I love how personable she is and how creative she is. I also like how she does her Mystery Guests. She just seems so much more genuine than so many other talk show hosts. She still gets a little starstruck occasionally and I love that. I love that she talks about her personal life on there and reminds people how happy she is. She's even mentioned tabloids before and it's so funny! She also has the funniest stories! Anyway, I'm a fan for life. Even my 2 year old knows who Rachael Ray is and he loves her too!

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    It's hard to believe that oprah winfrey produced this piece of junk, the show couldn't even hold a candle to cooking shows of the past, including emeril lagasse, rachael ray is the most annoying talk show and cooking show host in TV history, not since ainsley harriott has had a terrible cooking show host I've watched, at least ainsley harriott has some good moments and some style, this one has no style at all, she's terrible as host, the kitchen looks atrocious, the writing is horrible, the teleplay is over the top and the opening credits are so bad, it makes me sick. Now I Enjoy cooking shows that had a cool sense of style, but this has absolutely none of thatThis is one of the worst TV of the year.

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