Boogeyman 2
Boogeyman 2
NR | 20 October 2007 (USA)
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A young woman attempts to cure her phobia of the boogeyman by checking herself into a mental health facility, only to realize too late that she is now helplessly trapped with her own greatest fear.


Just perfect...


Am i the only one who thinks........Average?

Aubrey Hackett

While it is a pity that the story wasn't told with more visual finesse, this is trivial compared to our real-world problems. It takes a good movie to put that into perspective.

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True to its essence, the characters remain on the same line and manage to entertain the viewer, each highlighting their own distinctive qualities or touches.

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A young woman with a long-term phobia of the boogeyman voluntarily checks herself into a mental health facility with the hope of conquering her overwhelming fear. However, much to her horror, she discovers that some things are terrifying on purpose, and confronting her demons was not the best course of action. Boogeyman 2 benefits from a strong collection of performances from Danielle Savre, Tobin Bell and Renée O'Connor and honestly i think that everyone did a good overall job with the material that they had in their hands, where the film fell short in my opinion was once Boogeyman showed up since his twist is a bit of Michael Myers and the overall kills are beyond over the top but as i said the characters and the acting is good and there's some good suspense as well it's just that i wish that the main villain had a different approach as a character in general. (6.5/10)

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Years after a horrible accident, a woman still terrified of the Boogeyman checks into a mental facility to get over it, but when someone starts killing off the residents she realizes it's here to prey on her fears and tries to overcome them in hopes of dealing with the demon.This was a highly enjoyable and entertaining slasher. One of the best aspects is the rather great premise that it has where the fact that it uses the clichéd facing-fears gimmick to an advantage. There's plenty of set-ups to make it work, which is where the fun of this one actually comes from where each patient has a therapeutic exercise segment devoted to try and overcome their fear, and there's some greatness to this when it goes onto the kills. These here are exceptionally fun as they're fully encompassing of the fears and actually have the added plus of being expertly designed scenes to exploit a fun set of fears, from being stuck in the dark basement for the one with a fear of the dark to the cockroaches in the food for the germaphobe and another with a cutting problem strapped down while maggots are poured onto them and a knife left in easy reach. The kills overall are really brutal even when not taking advantage of their fears leading to quite a bloody series of scenes here which is just all sorts of awesome with an insanely bloody climax that is one of the greatest parts of the film. This is the highlight of the film, which is a long, really great final chase through the basement of the building in an ultra-creepy showdown that gets a lot right and the length easily makes it work. Due to taking place in the hospital with the closed in hallways, darkened rooms and general layout that provides this one with a stellar location to work with that has a great setting overall here. The killer's mask is really cool-looking as well, going with a really well-hidden cloak and a spectacular-looking demon-mask that stands out as overall, this was a greatly entertaining slasher. This one here didn't have all that many flaws. The main one here is the lame ending this one has. The resolution with the killer and the first few parts of the police are good enough, but then the film decides to tack on the ending from another film verbatim that was completely loathed, and while unexpected and a nice twist, doesn't make much sense and isn't really needed. The last part is that there's a really unnecessary beginning which makes it unclear what's going on. There's flashbacks, dreams and more thrown in which make it hard to understand what's going. As well, the attempts to tie this one into the rest of the franchise aren't all that worthwhile since it's barely even mentioned and could've easily been left-out such is the tenuous connection made here. These here are the film's only real flaws.Rated R: Graphic Violence, Nudity, Graphic Language, a mild sex scene and drug use.

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This first movie of Boogeyman is very scary. And this is just crappy pooh. Why did it get a 5.2. It is not scary. Boogeyman 3 is a better movie and that was awful. This movie has an awful story line. It has awful editing. It has an awful ending. Do not wast your time. Do not wast your money. Do not see this awful movie. It is just awful. Boogeyman is one of the best horror movies ever. And this is one of the worst horror movies ever. This is not a 5.2. This is a 1. 5.2 is just overrating it. This is the a pile of stink pooh pooh ca ca. Do not see it. I do not know why people like it. It is just pooh pooh and pee pee on top of it.

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It was the most ridiculous movie I've ever seen, however it did its part in entertaining me unlike other horror movies. I either look for the thrill factor, or at least jumpy scenes, which this movie failed to provide. Its attempt to scare the audience with quirky scenarios though did evoke an emotion out of me, though. I couldn't stop laughing hysterically throughout the movie.I'm sorry, but I don't know how somebody can get scared by the mere idea of literally gaining weight to the brink of explosion, or how realistic a severe OCD patient decides to drink bleach after eating a bag of chips with cockroaches in it. It just doesn't scare me. However, this movie entertained me for the wrong reasons and I don't think I'll ever forget it, so... good job.

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