Dr. Dolittle 2
Dr. Dolittle 2
PG | 22 June 2001 (USA)
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A group of beavers ask Dr. Dolittle to save their habitat from loggers. The only hope is to get the forest preserved because it's the home of a protected bear, but there's a problem: the bear's the only bear in the forest, so she can't reproduce. Undaunted, Dolittle persuades a circus bear to help out, but he has to teach him not just the ways of the wild, but the wiles of lady bears too.


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Highly Overrated But Still Good


True to its essence, the characters remain on the same line and manage to entertain the viewer, each highlighting their own distinctive qualities or touches.

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Haven Kaycee

It is encouraging that the film ends so strongly.Otherwise, it wouldn't have been a particularly memorable film

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Continuing my plan to watch every Eddie Murphy movie in order, I come to Doctor Doolittle 2 (1998)Plot In A Paragraph: Doctor Doolittle (Murphy) tries to save a forest.Like Nutty Professor 2, this is the worst kind of sequel!! It exists just because the first movie made money. Again I watched this with my girlfriends daughter, I don't think many people over the age of 10, will find much to enjoy here, as it is pretty much laugh free, devoid of any original ideas, the animal "lip synching" is awful and like with the Nutty Professor 2, the humour is ruder and cruder!! And sadly Murphy is now the angry out of touch Dad, yelling at his teenage daughter to open her bedroom door. There are no attempts to make any jokes to even amuse, let alone entertain the adults watching this. Shrek was far mor intelligent than this. Murphy is the best thing in this, he is not at his best, but he has a relaxed charm. Sadly it's not enough to save the movie. I spent most of my time playing 'Guess the celebrity voice' Like with The Nutty Professor sequel, this performed slightly worse than the original, but it was still a decent hit, as Dr Doolittle grossed $112 Million at the domestic box office to end the year the 16th highest grossing movie of 2001. Due to the financial success of both movies, I'm actually surprised there has not been third movies in both cases

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This is at least AS good as the original, but I have to say I like it more. The bear (Bart) is a delight, and upstages Murphy to a totally unintentional and therefore hilarious latitude. Actually, this installment is a tad smarter than the original flick, in that it gives the girls a little more screen time, and that's a good thing, but they spend the majority of that screen time on the WRONG sister, in my opinion, since Kyla Pratt is the sister who will carry on the series.I enjoyed this story far better and could therefore more easily ignore Murphy by virtue of the children actors and the trained animals. I thoroughly enjoy this installment, but mainly because of the bears and their dialog, and not at all because of Murphy.It rates a 7.8/10 on the Family Movie Scale.It rates a 6.2/10 on the Movie Scale from...the Fiend :.

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Dr.Dolittle 2 is a good family comedy and it is better than the first one. I actually saw this film before the original and I notice a couple differences. Eddie Murphy uses less bad language and is a bit more caring toward his kids. This time around, Dr.John Dolittle has to save a forest by trying to get a circus bear to live in the wild and mate with another bear of his kind. The idea for the plot is nice and the screenplay was better written than the first. Comedy-wise, it still does not reach to my high standards. I had a bit more chuckles than the first one, but not enough. There is actually a score in this film and I like the songs as well. Finally, there are a couple morals in this film such as family or saving nature. This is a good film and I recommend this to everybody. I rate this film a 8/10.

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Dr Doolittle 2 is an intereting movie. There is nothing wrong with enjoying Eddie Murphy pg comedies. As a child I had a goldfish that started floating upside down in the water. I held the koi like goldfish rightside up that was still alive and moved him through the water to keep the oxygenated water getting to his gills. After several hours of this he started swimming normally and lived a long time after that until he was put in another persons care. Living on a farm I had a rooster get Chronic respiratory disease. While this poses no threat to humans it still requires medication and I administered that. However the Crd was so bad that the bird was making wheezing sounds and was unable to get any water to go down his throat. I used an eyedropper day after day to get water down that bird named Clancys throat until eventually he was okay. He was the rooster that sired the brown egg laying hens so he had an important role on the farm. There was a female cow with the tag 86 that had been 4H trained and if you were climbing out of a cowpen stall would always give you a boost up with her head. Holsteins are more smart than people think. Most of my breakfasts are vegetarian for this reason. Obviously healthy humans need to have beef in their food selection but but Humans are at their coffee drinking, exercising best and kindest in the morning. Having two meals a day most days for the last 4 years makes me look forward to a chicken dinner from Swiss Chalet like my important real honest friend Saul. Sauls movie collection, and official purposes emergency shortwave and generator put a lot of residences to shame. I told him that I was proud of him for being a pilot cousin and he talked about the importance of being humble. His daughter my Fiancé said that I have one of the biggest egos of anyone she ever met. When you honest to the Creator come from the moon on Apollo 16 you have to believe in the ego that everyone thought was gone, Space 1999 fans will get what I mean. Thank you to IMDb for supporting the freedom of speech that President George W Bush and I support. Once a friend of mine heard a B58 Hustler pilot in the arctic say this plane sucks gas. The response was either Gaspe bien, Gas pay bien or Gasp eh bien which was it? Support IMDb.

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