Just Wright
Just Wright
PG | 14 May 2010 (USA)
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Physical therapist Leslie Wright lands the dream job of working with basketball superstar Scott McKnight, helping him recover from a career-threatening injury. All goes well and soon Leslie finds herself falling in love with him. Just as their friendship deepens, however, Scott focuses his attention back on his tenuous relationship with his ex-fiancé Morgan, Leslie's gorgeous godsister, who would love to be the basketball player's trophy wife.


One of my all time favorites.

Keeley Coleman

The thing I enjoyed most about the film is the fact that it doesn't shy away from being a super-sized-cliche;

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Tymon Sutton

The acting is good, and the firecracker script has some excellent ideas.

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By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.

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Cute movie with excellent principles about love. Queen Latifah's character Leslie Wright is a stunning protagonist in this love story. On the other hand I didn't like the character Morgan Alexander because she was so fake. I somewhat liked Scott McKnight but I didn't like his choice in choosing Morgan. The flow of the movie was really good. I loved especially the scenes where Scott and Leslie are building their relationship until Morgan comes back. I loved all the parents in the movie and wished they all had more lines in the movie. Lastly, I think the movie could go longer and show Leslie's life with Scott. Overall it was a cute movie, but it's not one to purchase and keep.

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A very buxom Queen Latifah should have lost some weight before doing this film. After all, she portrays a physical therapist and the last time I looked, these people are usually on the slim side.The story is Helen Trent-like. Can a woman of 35 find happiness? (Remember the radio show where Helen Trent was the woman who at 35 was thwarted by love?) This seems to be the case for Latifah until she finds love with an NBA star. He falls for her sister and it looks like love shall pass her by again, until he is injured and learns to appreciate what true love means and what it doesn't mean.Of course, when he regains his health his old flame returns. Doesn't that sound familiar? Of course, we know how the end turns out in this very predictable film.

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Basketball and romantic comedy is a weird mix, but I happen to like both, so "Just Wright" worked for me. I'm concerned the producers probably thought that they were going to get the male sports market AND the female romance market, but they are very wrong on that. Too much corny romance for most male viewers and too many basketball references for most female viewers. This can probably only be enjoyed by romantic comedy fans who also like the sport of basketball.The romantic comedy angle was very formulaic and obtuse. The entire story was laid out from the very beginning, and even earlier than that - it was all in the trailer. There was little depth to the characters and no depth to the situations. No laughs, no tears, but a few smiles.If you won't get too pained by how obvious the story is, there are some positives. I enjoyed Queen Latifah and, surprisingly, the rapper Common was very enjoyable too. They both came across as likable people whom I wanted to succeed. The slim vs. fat conflicts were kept to a minimum because they aren't their weight, they are people. And, again surprisingly, there was even attempted thought put into the psychology of sports injuries. Although there is almost nothing new in "Just Wright", there is enough to keep fans watching.

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Jucelle Romande

It's a love triangle for a physical therapist who falls in love with a handsome basketball player, who is also being woed by her gold-digger best friend. Love eludes her when he marries her best friend but destiny boomerangs him back into her arms when he gets injured and she is the only one who can fix him.This romantic comedy is a real treat. For someone who is not a fan of romantic movies, I was pleasantly surprised. I don't think that this movie got the credit and publicity it deserved.Queen Latifah and Common have a nice on screen chemistry. Mind you, it's nothing over the top but it is sweet. Phylicia Rashad plays Common's mother. Pam Grier plays Queen Latifah's mother. This is sweet romance. I recommend it.

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