Resident Evil: Damnation
Resident Evil: Damnation
R | 25 September 2012 (USA)
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U.S. federal agent Leon S. Kennedy sneaks into the "East Slavic Republic" to verify rumors that Bio-Organic Weapons (BOWs) are being used in the country's civil war, which the U.S. and Russia are making preparations to jointly intervene in. Right after his infiltration, the U.S. government orders him to leave immediately. Determined to uncover the truth, Leon ignores the order and enters the battlefield to end the chain of tragedies caused by the BOWs.


Sorry, this movie sucks


For all the hype it got I was expecting a lot more!

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Nayan Gough

A great movie, one of the best of this year. There was a bit of confusion at one point in the plot, but nothing serious.

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Anoushka Slater

While it doesn't offer any answers, it both thrills and makes you think.

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The Movie Diorama

Whilst not as good as 'Degeneration', this second instalment in the animated series remains true to the source material and is able to capture the gritty dark environment that the video game franchise is famous for. Leon infiltrates a former soviet state to investigate a rumour that its president is releasing Bio Organic Weapons (BOWs) in their civil war. Immediately the personality from the likes of Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong are replicated to precision. His masculine heroic traits ooze through the screen and Wong remains enigmatically mysterious. The story was linear much like the video games yet embedded within are various exciting scenes that replicate the aesthetic appeal of its source material. Consistently switching between first person perspective, still corner shots and other cinematic directing styles that prevents this from simply being a long cutscene. It feels like a film, incorporating the differing camera techniques that imitate the various games, creates a true incarnation. A myriad of familiar enemies and plot points, such as Las Plagas, Lickers and Tyrants, will appeal to the fans of the games whilst remaining accessible to newcomers. Plus, the female president isn't just used as an antagonistic puppeteer, she actually has her own combat scenes! Film is complete. Voice acting was functional although occasionally monotonous and some of the character facial expressions feel like blank canvas'. The narrative follows a familiar structure to 'Degeneration' which comes across as uninspired, especially the final boss fight which looks incredibly polygonal given the outstanding CG motion effects throughout. The supporting characters, such as JD, could've used some more development to enhance that emotional investment. However, it's an adventurous exciting zombie flick that sits well as a prequel to 'Resident Evil 6', despite its basic execution and familiarity. Lastly, let's just appreciate Leon's incredibly silky hair and how it sways in the gentle breeze...

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This reminded me of Resident Evil 4 slightly. Leon goes in alone and gets captured by the people he came there to stop. I guess the only thing real different is that they found something that controls the creatures to a point. We have all of the characters from Leon's side of the storyline like the 'bombshell' Ada Wong to Leon Kennedy and Ingrid Hunnigan. And even in all of this, they have new characters that actually are lovable even if they don't stay for very long.The problems I have with the show are actually rather minimal but the ending feels as though it was extremely predictable. We have a large fight going with a 'new' form of strong bio-weapon, and a facility that is about to go through genetic cleansing. Then we have the 'boss' fight with multiple stages to him.It's interesting that they used images of Resident Evil 6 in the ending theme but if you haven't played the game, your left wondering what the reasoning was for it. I know I may be reviewing these shows out of order but a good movie normally has something that helps even new watchers understand what's going on.Wow, the animation actually looks so much better then what they had in Degeneration. It's much more fluid and the characters look much more realistic without going over the boundaries of the game style. We even get the exploding heads of the zombie people that I bet those who have played the games hate. One of my favorite points is when they go into first person view because it looks so much like the real thing (When I mean real thing, I mean both game and real life horror shows). The points I do hate is that they actually show someone getting forced into one of the zombies. Whenever I see someone forcing those… things… into someone's mouth, I always end up gagging a bit. I also hate the slow motion times they use although it's used quite sparingly in this one. The textures are good except the fact that all the men seem to have lip-gloss or lip stick on their lips.The English voices are pretty good and you can most of the time tell who is American and who is from the Soviet Union. Characters actually sound close to what they were in the games and I believe its because they are the same voice actors but could be wrong. The music was also rather well done and worked to the movies advantage.

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Gatto Nero

Another Resident Evil movie, not a live-action one but a CGI animated one. This one takes place after 'Degeneration'...sort of between 'Degeneration' and 'Resident Evil 6'.It's set in a small eastern European country going through a civil war. It's how a hero overcomes tough situations. This time around our hero,"Leon", really goes thru some rough times. A real 'Tour of Hell' per say. "Leon" is all on his own in this one. Alone. It's more like the situations similar to ones in the games."Leon" basically ends up in a country he's never been to. Initially, he gets to talk to "Hunnigan", but then he is cut off from all ties. He then goes around and gets dragged into trouble.Our "Leon" in this one is like the 'Resident Evil 4-ish Leon', with a increased human touchiness from 'Degeneration'. "Leon" is cool, but also has a sort of cuteness. He shows his real self when he gets in touch with a woman.The games these days feature "Leon and Ada". In 'Degeneration, we had "Claire", just like in 'Resident Evil 2'. So in this one they included "Ada" because the fans asked for her. She is a very mysterious woman character. Who is also smart and strong.If you remember, "Leon & Ada" did not appear in 'Resident Evil 5'. But it's obvious they lived their lives during that time. They may have had some contact but it's not very clear if it was a romantic one."Leon" wants to stop the proliferation of 'B.O.W.'s. That's his motivation, but "Buddy" confronts that principle strongly. The two are enemies pretty much all the way. A true friendship never really develops, but placed in the same circumstances, they start to understand each other a bit."Svetlana" the woman president of this country, is not necessarily the ultimate evil, she has her visions, but her methods are wrong.This is a very dark story so it helped that they had a funny character in the form of "J.D." A character greatly influenced by the American culture. He was my favorite.

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This is an accurate review in reaction to the fake shill reviews posted by people paid to do so.Wow! I wish this film was at least an improvement on the last animation or something less Mila J. but no it is DUMB DUMB DUMB with a capital D.I am a big resident evil fan, not a fanboy but someone who has played all the main series games and even is quietly enjoying no.6 as we speak and the issues with this film are very similar to those of that game which currently causing all types of mixed feelings across the gaming world. If you have seen the trailer then you are already sold as it simply looks awesome. The animation is fantastic if you like video games which is what this is, a glorified video game with POV camera angles and the exact same characters as the latest game and many of the locations and monsters are the same...exactly which is clearly a tie in of sorts to help cross promote each other. This is no Pixar but it is pretty sweet to look at from beginning to end which in itself will sell the film to many but.....BIG BUT the story, plot, script, dialogue etc. is simply not there or what is in its place is truly DUMB and makes little to no sense and anyone who has any type of understanding how the world works or even basic law enforcement or even small communities or hell human nature will be constantly saying 'Okkkkkk, mmmmm but what this makes zero sense...what the hell???!!!???'. I think the appalling them tune says it all....'I am broken like a marrow...' or maybe Leon Kennedy says it best when he says, 'we need to go on even without any limbs!'. So from the latter maybe you get an idea of the quality of the writing and why this films falls flat on it's face.The film has all the ingredients to be as good or superior to the last one which I thoroughly enjoyed as an airport is a fantastic place to have a zombie outbreak. Though Damnation is literally damned from the outset due to the incredibly naive and childish writing. You would think if you put LEON S MOST POPULAR RES> CHARACTER EVER KENNEDY and ADA HOT AS HELL WONG you would it would equal instant cult status but sadly even with these fan favs. the film plods along with cliché lines and predictable twist, if any, and every scene looks like a new location in a game but this is a film and ironically the game is being heavily criticized for the opposite reasons.The music / sound doesn't help either as the soundtrack ranges from non existent to boring to awful USA rock tracks by Japanese singers who do no understand what they are singing etc. and the sound is just uninteresting and creates little to no tension or scares as this may be a horror franchise which became an action horror franchise and ended in just action which then became a talky drama.The above is another serious issue which undermines all the beautiful animation and wonderfully deep pool of resources the franchise has built for itself over the last ten plus years. What type of film is this and who is the audience as the intelligence level would presume it was for 12 year olds but the occasional blood letting (zero sex and little gore) would suggest at least 15+. Of course both female characters (there are only two, maybe three) get their clothes off and reveal a boob and the third girl is literally a sexy zombie cheerleader with a nasty case of the Zombies...actually there is one more and she stays fully clothed at all times but she is only on screen for maybe 1 min?. While the male leads (which are plentiful) keep fully dressed and kick ass and save everyone though Ada does her bit...with her boob out.Now I don't have an issue with sexism in a film aimed at male teen fan boys but still it is kind of lame and offensive and actually very Japanese and there is a feeling of misogyny throughout the film in my opinion. Overall it was utterly forgettable and horribly predictable and ultimately irrelevant and should have never been made except to cross promote the new game which I would recommend as I am loving it though it is more action evil then resident. If you need a Res fix rent or buy the previous installment or play the new game as it is practically a film anyway. Avoid this mess if possible but if you actually need to see it just make sure you don not pay for it and if you do then make sure you send a written letter of complaint to the makers to prevent this travesty from reoccurring! 5/10 - 5 for the animation and the franchise. Thank you for reading.

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