Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2
PG-13 | 25 June 2004 (USA)
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Peter Parker is going through a major identity crisis. Burned out from being Spider-Man, he decides to shelve his superhero alter ego, which leaves the city suffering in the wake of carnage left by the evil Doc Ock. In the meantime, Parker still can't act on his feelings for Mary Jane Watson, a girl he's loved since childhood. A certain anger begins to brew in his best friend Harry Osborn as well...

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Abbigail Bush

what a terribly boring film. I'm sorry but this is absolutely not deserving of best picture and will be forgotten quickly. Entertaining and engaging cinema? No. Nothing performances with flat faces and mistaking silence for subtlety.

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Mandeep Tyson

The acting in this movie is really good.

Quiet Muffin

This movie tries so hard to be funny, yet it falls flat every time. Just another example of recycled ideas repackaged with women in an attempt to appeal to a certain audience.

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This sequel nails everything that's great about the comic strip hero and is one of the high-water marks for the series and for the superhero genre because it is able to simultaenously combine the goofiness of the comic strip, the melancholy of lost love, romantic ideal, a frightening, diabolical meance, intense action and an emotionally fulfilling ending. Critics said that self-pity is the central theme which is harsh because it is the weight of responsibility, and that Tobey Maguire is a tad weightless in his delivery, when really he recovers his confidence with a determination that isn't out of character. Technically, it has Academy award winning special effects used with restraint, and superbly directed by Sam Raimi.

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Spider-man 2 is great it shows that being a superhero does't mean being an all flawless men, it shows what it really be like to be a superhero, like superhero have relationships, they have problems with life, it shows how hard it is to be a superhero, the cg is way better then the last film and fight scenes are really good, Mary Jane is still bland love interest but she has some purpose, i like dr. otto octavius as the villain, overall the film is great go watch it you'll like it

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This movie is best movie from Marvel. Marvel suck after 2008 year

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It's hard to decide whether or not I prefer this film to the first, as it tells - in some ways - a more mature, nuanced and layered tale, but what isn't hard to decide is that 'Spider-Man 2 (2004)' is a fantastic movie and easily one of the best sequels of all time. The villain is wonderfully rounded, his motivations constantly clear and his character arc drawn in full before the credits roll, and presents both a physical and psychological challenge for our hero. The story expertly balances the phenomenally fun yet still emotionally resonant web-slinging sequences (a high-speed train in danger provides one of the feature's nicest character moments whereas the whole 'bank' section is amazingly accomplished and thunderously entertaining) with the relatable central dilemma of our very human protagonist. Raimi's directing seems to be stepped up a little, too, as he leans further into his own quirky style - evident in the renowned 'surgery' scene which is one of the best in the entire film. The entire piece just gels together to make a cohesive, complex and rare example of the superhero genre at some of its very best. 9/10

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