The Cat in the Hat
The Cat in the Hat
PG | 21 November 2003 (USA)
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During a rainy day, and while their mother is out, Conrad and Sally, and their pet fish, are visited by the mischievous Cat in the Hat. Fun soon turns to mayhem, and the siblings must figure out how to rid themselves of the maniacal Cat.

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Why so much hype?


Just perfect...


This is a tender, generous movie that likes its characters and presents them as real people, full of flaws and strengths.

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Donald Seymour

This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.

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I liked the movie and special effects only because I'm a grownup. There were many jokes that were not children appropriate. Fortunately my daughter didn't get them. She was more focused on the colors at that time. It wasn't something I wanted her to watch again while she was a little girl.

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We love this movie. We have been watching it with grandchildren for for ten years or more. Each time we all laugh and laugh. It does not get old. It is up there with Elf as a family favourite. When a five year old watches the whole movie without wandering off it must be pretty good. The acting is great from the children and adults and some of the jokes stand alone and are repeated by adults and children randomly long after watching the movie for the umpteenth time. Giving a movie like this a 1 says a lot about the reviewer. No sense of humour? No children to share it with? No appreciation of any aspect of the movie? I feel sorry for anyone who would give it below a 6! The colours are bright and the two kids are wonderful and learn lessons from their interactions with the cat. The neighbour and boss are characters who add humour and interest. The mother is attractive and the whole set is stylistic. The star would have to be the cat wonderfully portrayed by a well known actor. Overall, it is a nice light funny movie to enjoy with kids. Judge it for what it is. It would cheer up a sick kid or entertain the family with young kids. Enjoy!

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The Cat In The Hat was not a bad movie seeing it as a child. I thought it was zany, and interesting to finally see a great short story come to life. That's different for me 15 years later.I just watched this randomly with my roommate today, getting nostalgic, and realized that this movie is nothing but a vehicle for Mike Myers' comedy. That would be fantastic if it wasn't poorly written, with a story that completely spins off the rails just to do it. By the time you get to the part where the house gets cleaned, you finally remember the actual story. Plot- The story takes the same basis as the book, but honestly might even miss some pages in terms of what happens. It just becomes one mess, one gag after another with two kids standing there watching. Total excessCharacters- Alec Baldwin is probably the most interesting character alongside Mike Myers in the lead, but the rest are just people. A weird sleepy babysitter, a cookie cutter surburban mom, one good kid, one bad kid. Just enough to make you watch. Dialogue- Really no memorable lines, there are some decent Mike Myers trademarks that'll make you laugh. The musical numbers are cringe worthy. The pacing is so bland it feels like a 1950's Coke commercialProd. Value/Quality- The movie is eye popping, a very unique setting. The cinematography is not bad at all, pretty crisp for a movie that seems like it was hurried.Overall I laughed about five times, and the rest left that weird feeling in my stomach, like I either have to eat or just walk away. It is likeable, just not by someone who looks for good thematic elements, originality in movies. Your kids will like it.

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I didn't live in america as a kid and english isn't my first language. So the only contact I had with doctor Seuss during my childhood was through the movies. And I watched Cat in the Hat over and over again. I decided to watch it again today to see if it still holds up. Honestly, to me it does. It's colorful, cartoonish, over the top and fast-paced. I guess you could argue it's innapropriate, which makes sense. But I didn't notice that as a kid. I surely do now. Somewhat awkward at times, but really enjoyable. Stands well on its own.

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