The Crow: Salvation
The Crow: Salvation
R | 31 October 2000 (USA)
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Alex Corvis returns to the world of the living to avenge the murder of his girlfriend, who he was wrongly accused of killing. But first he must uncover the truth about who really killed her.


If you don't like this, we can't be friends.


Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.

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A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.

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The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.

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Look, I won't lie and say "The Crow: Salvation" is some sort of academy award winning feature. It is good, though.*Minor Spoiler Warnings* Alex Corvis is a young man who is now being executed for the murder of his girlfriend. He maintains his innocence, claiming instead that a man with a strange scar planted the evidence in his car and he never would have done such a thing. All seems sad and somber until a cut away during the execution shows that scarred-man taunting the now dying Alex. And so, the magical crow avatar resurrects the main character to exact revenge, unravel the mystery behind the events, and set things right. *End Spoilers*The hook is fairly intriguing the first time around. Sure, it's an old premise of a dead man coming back for revenge, but it is much better than the mishandled "City of Angels". It stays true to The Crow formula well enough but doesn't try to re-create the lightning in a bottle of the first film. Trying to stand on its own two legs seems unsteady at times, but still there are many things to enjoy.The acting is actually really enjoyable. The evil doers are sufficient and dark enough that you don't mind when they're systematically killed in a vindicated manner. Fred Ward plays the main villain and he's still superb, proving that once again he's highly under rated. The real shocker comes from Eric Mabius (who plays the main character Alex). He shows drive, emotion, depth, and even an character arc you wouldn't expect. He's an A-list actor in the B-list movie and it really shows that he outclasses his surroundings. Even Kirsten Dunst (pre-Spiderman) manages to put on some form of acting ability.The plot is somewhat disjointed and random. When Alex kicks into high gear and begins his bloody crusade, it's some great moments on film. Unfortunately, after he dispatches the first two villains, the pacing slows down, de-rails, and never really gets back on track. There's more action but it never really picks back up. Plot threads seem to trail off, become neglected, or resolve with little reason or rhyme. There's even an identity crisis plot twist that seems wholly unnecessary.The Crow: Salvation is a good movie for what it is. Don't go into the experience looking for some great caliber of drama and action. It has gratuitous stripper scenes, slightly cheesy gore, and some low budget moments that can't be ignored. Still, It's dark, visceral, satisfying, and well handled. It's better than the second (which truly was awful), features a great sound track, is different enough that you don't feel ripped off, and fun.8/10

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Randel Winston

I hated this movie, I would give it a zero if I could.I love the first crow movie. Even the second movie had it's moments (some great scenes). The third movie was really bad. The villains I couldn't remember any of them except the main villain.The action is boring, I almost fell asleep. A small kid could direct better action then this.Not even a good revenge story.In the first two crow movies you could remember key scenes (goth type artistic stuff), here it's non-existent. The crow makeup is very poor too. He didn't look right.Stay away. I heard crow 4 is worse, I don't know how that is possible.

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I watched this before the original The Crow. In fact, I'm not sure I realized that this was part of a series, much less the third part. Now, having watched the original(I have not seen the second movie), comparisons are unavoidable, and they are, I'm afraid, entirely and mercilessly unfavorable. This "gets" rather little from the first at all, and even less of it gets done right. There are attempts for the tone, but in spite of introducing new perverted enemies for the undead bird to seek out and combat, it just doesn't have the impact of the first. The language and nudity is present, but that's hardly what made the first excellent. The style... I don't know, it tries. More often than not, the film comes off as silly(unintentionally, I'd wager). The plot could have been better, and it seems like there was at least one point where they go for demystifying some of the supernatural elements(fantasy is by no means a genre I venture into often, much less enjoy, but in the original, it definitely worked). The powers may have also been altered. The pacing is reasonable, I guess. The acting is usually unimpressive, except for perhaps moments by the two leads. The music isn't bad, mostly rock, and dark in mood, fitting. I wouldn't exactly put up much of a fight if someone tried to sell me the soundtrack. The action has some to offer, as well(if it gets terribly overblown and overdone at parts, in its attempts to outdo the first film), though I can't claim that it'll stay in your memory for long(and, come on, if we're going to watch a young man fight, are we going to choose Eric Mabius over Brandon Lee any day of the week, on a dare, to win a bet *and/or* any other reason? I refer you to Will Smith's oft-used catch-phrase of many of his movies for an answer(hint: it's the one where he uses a word that refers to downstairs, and no, I'm not talking about a basement). The effects are good. The movie is shot and edited fine, if there aren't really any ground-breaking moments. A lot of this seems almost remade from the first, just lacking what made that film great. Gone is the poetic justice. Images, events and the basic *structure* of the film are recycled from the first, almost to the point where you start to wonder if these film-makers actually had or even thought they had *anything* to actually contribute to the franchise, or if they just saw a cash cow, grabbed a teet each and squeezed, as hard as they could. Actual fans of The Crow should steer clear of this. If all you want is a revenge flick, and you either don't mind or prefer them with some touch of fantasy and/or the supernatural, knock yourself out. I recommend this to those who find themselves in the latter group(I've got no problem with people in said group... I just want to make it clear who are likely to enjoy the film). 5/10

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This film was a BIG mistake. After the first 2 movies, the fans of "The Crow" saga made enough money to put this and the second terrible sequel together. This movie has nothing to do with the originally, brilliant cult movie with Brandon Lee. The story and the actors are so boring and useless that I had to laugh when I saw this crap. The makers they put this together are blind? I don't know who is this director phenomena, but I think he never saw anything about James O Barrs' comic or the first movie. The actor with the name Eric Mobius and his story with the burning scars on his face as a mask are so-so silly. Just try it once, you'll see...

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