The Man From Snowy River II
The Man From Snowy River II
PG | 15 April 1988 (USA)
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After a few years trying to earn money to marry Jessica Harrison, Jim Craig returns to Snowy River. But he finds that a lot of things have changed.


Expected more


Admirable film.


Great movie! If you want to be entertained and have a few good laughs, see this movie. The music is also very good,

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Matylda Swan

It is a whirlwind of delight --- attractive actors, stunning couture, spectacular sets and outrageous parties.

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Three years after the events in "The Man from Snowy River" (1982), wild horse tamer Tom Burlinson (as Jim Craig) returns to his Australian farm. Hair-teasing Sigrid Thornton (as Jessica Harrison) is still in town, but the couple appear to have drifted apart. Understandable. They don't exactly pick up where they left off for a couple of reasons. She has attracted another suitor, handsome Nicholas Eadie (as Alistair Patton), who is preferred by daddy Brian Dennehy (as Harrison). This very predictable story is highlighted by another wild mountain ride by the lead actor, in the beautiful Victoria Alps. Also interesting is how the conveyance of pre-marital sex is satisfying, contextually; this is a "family" movie.***** The Man from Snowy River II (3/24/88) Geoff Burrowes ~ Tom Burlinson, Sigrid Thornton, Nicholas Eadie, Brian Dennehy

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The original movie, Man From Snowy River, is one of the best I've seen, nearly perfect. A Lady and the Tramp storyline in two senses--rich girl/poor boy, and ability vs. bloodline. The sequel, however, is not only a shameless attempt to capitalize on the good name of the original but also a ridiculous, overblown Disneyfied mess best summarized as "Rambo Meets the Black Stallion." Without the charm of The Black Stallion. The young hero comes back from a 3-year absence, and suddenly he's Superman on horseback; in the original, good film, he was real and believable, but sadly reduced to a caricature in the sequel. I've hardly been as disappointed in a movie, and at times this thing made me quite angry--they missed hardly a cliché. Brazen audience manipulation--do studio heads think that all you have to do with a horse-loving audience is put pretty horses in front of them, to make them happy? A mess of a movie.

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This movie is the only movie I have ever been to see in the theater where, once the movie was over, everyone (and the place was filled) in the audience was clapping. I was 9/10 at the time, so I wasn't old enough to see the first one in the theaters but I was completely awe-struck and I still am to this day.This movie, along with its prequel "The Man From Snowy River", are both in my top 10 favorite movies list.Everyone in the movie was very well-suited for their roles. You loved the right people, hated the right people and forgave the right people.It's going to continue to be a classic for many decades to come. I give it a 10 out of 10 star, along with its prequel.It actually came out the same year as another one of my all-time favorites, "Starlight Hotel". Neither of these movies relied on special effects which is another reason the movie is so great. It really feels like you're right there along for the ride.I recommend this movie to everyone - young, old, male, female. It's definitely worth taking two hours out of your time to watch.

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An excellent follow up to a great movie. It's not just a sequel riding coat tails. Though Harrison is played by a different actor, Dennehy does a nice job of filling Kirk Douglas' shoes in this role. Full of passion - not just the love type.

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