The Wizard of Oz
The Wizard of Oz
G | 15 August 1939 (USA)
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Young Dorothy finds herself in a magical world where she makes friends with a lion, a scarecrow and a tin man as they make their way along the yellow brick road to talk with the Wizard and ask for the things they miss most in their lives. The Wicked Witch of the West is the only thing that could stop them.


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The movie's neither hopeful in contrived ways, nor hopeless in different contrived ways. Somehow it manages to be wonderful

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Tayyab Torres

Strong acting helps the film overcome an uncertain premise and create characters that hold our attention absolutely.

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Francene Odetta

It's simply great fun, a winsome film and an occasionally over-the-top luxury fantasy that never flags.

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This is truly a beautiful cinematic masterpiece. Colorful characters, amazing cinematography, beautiful songs, and most certainly Judy Garland's iconic role she has ever played.

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This movie was great. I watched this when I was a little girl and I just re watched it now. The music was amazing and the concept behind the movie was entertaining. This is the first musical that I have actually watched and this is what made me actually like musicals as well. It had great color and camera angles and the costumes was amazing for its time frame.

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Who doesn't know this film? The classic tale of Dorothy and friends and their extroidinary journey along the yellow brick road. A bright, fun filled story, complete with a moral.

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This movie is convoluted and stupid. Yes, it is a classic, and the fact that it even existed was considered amazing, but as a movie its not that great. There is a lot of stupid in this movie. I know that movies used to have much lower budgets, but the sets in this movie are hilariously cheap. I know that most of this movie is supposed to be a dream, but the story is still dumb and full of holes. Overall there isn't much to say about this movie. It just doesn't hold up.

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