Total Recall
Total Recall
R | 01 June 1990 (USA)
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Construction worker Douglas Quaid's obsession with the planet Mars leads him to visit Recall, a company who manufacture memories. Something goes wrong during his memory implant turning Doug's life upside down and even to question what is reality and what isn't.


Thanks for the memories!


Sorry, this movie sucks


Good concept, poorly executed.

Taha Avalos

The best films of this genre always show a path and provide a takeaway for being a better person.

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Verhoeven's opus is one of the last non-CGI sci-fi action films, and one of the best Schwarzenegger vehicles. The effects in this film are lovingly done, and always memorable, even if they don't quite achieve photorealism: "The Lady" at the spaceport (aka Arnold = Douglas Quade in disguise); pulling the probe from Quade's nose; the scene where the camera sweeps away from the train window to Mars; and of course those bulging Mars-eyes at the end. I enjoy the mastery of physical effects whenever I see it again.This film has some of Arnold's better acting, and the support cast is great: Sharon Stone as the 'wife' to keep Arnold under wraps, the sweaty psychiatrist, Mel Johnson as the cab driver with a skeletized double arm, Ronnie Cox as the embodiment of corporate evil, and Ironsides as his henchman. And that's only the start. Verhoeven really gets the best out of his staff, and proves once again, as in Robocop, Starship Troopers and Basic Instinct that he is an auteur of gritty action-drama. I know it's heresy, but at his best he's like a violent Hitchcock.Don't look for Phil Dick's true spirit here, although the film nicely rehearses the paradoxes of when is dream reality and reality dream (e.g. the psychiatrist scene). Verhoeven made the topic his own, in a good way, with less of Dick's intellectual probing, and more action.It's too bad they don't make films like this any more, and instead make them like the 2000s sequel: boring, flat, fake-looking CGI-laden, with competent but uninspired acting, going through the action moves.Like many Verhoeven films, a classic.

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One of the best movie i ever saw. Great plot, great cast ,entertaining, punch lines, twists, and endless action. I'm watching this film on my iPad almost every night. For a deep sweet sleep... personally I prefer the implant chair dream perception because all the violence thereafter seemed not a real one... Arnold Sharon Melina Ronnie Michael and Benny are unforgettable TOTAL RECALL FOREVER

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Barry Ramsbottom

This is sci-fi at it's finest. Great story, great acting and stunning visuals, especially for the time it was made. Arnold Schwarzenegger is brilliant in this movie, as are all the supporting actors. Awesome action, and has funny one-liners, this movie has it all. If you are a fan of sci-fi movies I highly recommend this cult classic.

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For my money the best movie that Arnold was in (and that is saying a lot!). Maybe he was more a living prop than an actor but he certainly was in a lot of great movies. This was in his prime when he had a string of hits such as Predator and Running Man and Conan etc.Its got a great plot that will keep you guessing up to the end and maybe afterwards. Based on a short story by the great Phillip K Dick. Its got a cast of great supporting actors. Sharon Stone and Michael Ironsides and a lot of actors who always played a certain sort of character. Benny the cab driver was one of my favorites. "I got 6 hungry kids to feed!". At the time the video and audio and special effects were first rate, granted they're a little bit dated now but the plot is still excellent enough to make this a must-see!

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