Wild at Heart
Wild at Heart
R | 17 August 1990 (USA)
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After serving prison time for a self-defense killing, Sailor Ripley reunites with girlfriend Lula Fortune. Lula's mother, Marietta, desperate to keep them apart, hires a hitman to kill Sailor. But he finds a whole new set of troubles when he and Bobby Peru, an old buddy who's also out to get Sailor, try to rob a store. When Sailor lands in jail yet again, the young lovers appear further than ever from the shared life they covet.


The Age of Commercialism


Perfect cast and a good story


I really wanted to like this movie. I feel terribly cynical trashing it, and that's why I'm giving it a middling 5. Actually, I'm giving it a 5 because there were some superb performances.

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Kaydan Christian

A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.

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Perhaps I'd react differently if I saw this movie in the 90s, but I doubt it. Like me now, even back then this was late to the party, so to speak. Sort of from the times before movies reached a certain quality - as if it's attraction enough that it IS a movie.I like quirky movies, I like dark movies, I like layered movies, even the odd "artsy" movie. This was none of that, in spite of being touted by many to be so. I found it tedious, unfunny and shallow. It could've had some B-movie'ish charm if just about everything in it was of a less pretentious "let's be quirky cool" - but, alas it wasn't.I'm trying to think of some positives, but I'm coming up empty. It's not even a "style over substance" candidate, as both aspects are equally dreary. Unless you're a Lynch-fan-for-the-sake-of it, you might as well skip it.I'll give it two stars since it was shot in colours and has sound.

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Yawn.I had such high expectations for this movie since it's a Lynch and the premise sounds seriously bad ass. But it just isn't. 80% of this movie is just stupid dialogue (from a car), unnecessary sex scenes and Nicholas Cage being an awful actor. I was seriously looking forward to Bobby Peru and even he was a let down.As the title suggests, I did stop watching this movie prematurely. There was about 30 minutes left which came as a major surprise to me since there had been little to no build up at all and the movie was about to end.Creepy characters speaking nonsense (seriously, what the hell are the Cajuns even talking about?) does not make for a compelling movie. A swing and a miss from Lynch.

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Its not perfect and its barely one of Lynch's best but it is still a very good movie and a joy, if a rather scary one, to watch. Laura Dern, apparently foregoing her non nudity clause, puts in a very brave performance, possibly her best. Nicolas Cage, famously variable is spot on in this all the way through. There may be doubts during the narrative as to whether this is intended to be a love story or a hate story but Cage persuades from start to finish with an massive performance. Convincing as the tough, ruthless, almost psychotic, gentle romantic guy. Probably the second most scary person in this is Laura Derry's mother Diane Ladd playing her mother, which is pretty scary in itself but this gets worse and worse. And the award for the most scary person of all goes to - Willem Defoe, but then isn't he always and he finds new ways to be so. Some great scenes, maybe a little overlong, but then Lynch does so love those endless highways.

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Marietta Fortune (Diane Ladd) sets a man off to kill her daughter Lula (Laura Dern)'s boyfriend Sailor Ripley (Nicolas Cage). Sailor manages to kill the man but he gets imprisoned for almost two years. Lula is there waiting for him when he gets released. They leave Cape Fear and his probation for New Orleans. Marietta sends Johnnie Farragut (Harry Dean Stanton) after them. She also hires gangster Marcello Santos. The couple finds Perdita Durango (Isabella Rossellini) and joins Bobby Peru (Willem Dafoe) in a robbery as they continue their road trip.This is one crazy film. I give full marks to director David Lynch for his audacity and his style. The acting is big and deliberately broad. There are fanciful allusions to Wizard of Oz and other imagery. This is an unique Lynch vision. The craziness in the characters and story simply overwhelm me at some point. I couldn't take the insanity.

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