Bob's Burgers
Bob's Burgers
TV-14 | 09 January 2011 (USA)

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    Too much of everything

    Humaira Grant

    It’s not bad or unwatchable but despite the amplitude of the spectacle, the end result is underwhelming.

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    The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.

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    An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.

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    This is seriously such a funny show. The whole family is hilarious in their own way. Great adult cartoon, not as crass as South Park.

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    U.N. Owen

    I 'cut the (cable) cord' about 5 years ago, and it's been wonderful.Each day seems to bring even more choices, more options for what I wish to watch.One streaming channel I have is Hulu, and because the channel was initially founded by several TV networks, Hulu had access to a lot- of what had been top-rated shows, and what is currently 'new'.I just saw something entitled Bob's Burgers. It's never seen it, but, by the vagueness of the show's general outline, I decided to give it a shot.Now, let me tell you; I did all kinds of things funny, add long as they're funny. Saying'dirty' words for no reason, other than'because we can' is not only ridiculous, it's infantile, and shots a lack of creative ability.I put on the first episode - entitled 'Human Flesh'.This is'our' - the viewing audiences initial chance to get a sense of the creators talent, and this means we get to see what it is they think the viewing audience would (happily) spend time - week in, week out, season after season.The'creative team' behind this wants this premiere to be the best possible, in story, and animation.For those old enough to remember the 'limited' animation style of late 70's, and 80's cartoons, and yearned for the days of Warner Bros. Loony Tunes, and didn't think animation could get ANY worse, guess again.There's an old saying; give 100 word typewriters, and over of them will type or a story.Well, give them 100 animation stations top work at, and the 99 out of the 100 - there work would STILL be better than this nightmare.It seriously seems like the thieves who make this - somehow convinced network brass of their skills, and even when this Technicolor vomit was first screened to them, they STILL asked it to air (f-x will put ANYthing on the air, other than a network sign-off).The opening of this - the first episode, introduced us to the main characters, which happen to be a family named...'Belchers'.I hear the sound of water doing in the deafening silence.O-kay, so, it seems this series' 'creative' talent is below snagging a peak at their older brother's Playboy magazine, but older than someone who finds everything about the word 'booger' hysterical.But not by much.The titular Bob is standing behind the counter of his family's owned and operated diner/burger joint, and he's telling the assembled family (his wife, who's choice actor is probably the least talented, as he - yes, a man - makes no effort to even sound vaguely'woman-like', and I think there's 3 kids, ranging in age from about 10 to the late teens (it's very hard to tell. The animation artists who drew this debacle have difficulty in drawing people of different ages).A Bob's explaining the 're, re, re, re, re, re-opening (hysterical...) He turns to (what he identifies as his) ten aged daughter (though, other than his saying so, the animation, and voice work - another man, doing the choice of this 'teen-aged girl', are so snubs l abysmal I'd be willing to bet if anyone was just given a look at a cell of this character's artwork, NO ONE would be able to tell), and tells her she's the'grill cook'.To which she replies.... her crotch had been itching.To hammer home how'hysterical' this moment is - a man doing the voice of a (supposed) teen-aged girl, who's... crotch is itching, the 'teenager' says it REPEATEDLY, and to add to the'guffaws', we get to see 'her'- scratching 'down there' (though the seem censors apparently thought it was 'too much' too not just have an animated teen-aged girl -with a man's voice - describing this, they had the'good sense' to have the animated 'crotch' cut below the bottom of the screen), so all we viewers get - to see - is drawn teen-aged girls hands vigorously rubbing'down there', with the sound effects of(what sounds like( someone rubbing a shag carpet.That this was the first minute is bad enough. That the network brass said 'keep making more' is scary, that this garbage has- somehow - found a brain-dead audience large enough to have the network continue to suit this, asked how far, and how FAST society's goes without saying this... turd' is brought to air by that joke of a network; f-x

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    There are so many of these made-for-adults animated family TV shows that I've watched over the years, The Simpsons, F is for Family, Oblongs,American Dad, Family Guy,Boondocks,Proud family, King of the Hill etc that I usually get bored of them if they don't grab me within the first season. I don't really look for laugh out humour in them, because that's hardly ever the case, and hardly ever the point with them. But I do look for poignancy and entertainment.This show though, something just felt off about it. I heard it mentioned on a podcast and I started watching it. After watching a couple seasons I googled around and apparently it's one of the 'it shows' or something, or I think it is, it certainly does have the symptoms of one; a)People dogpiling it, saying it's crap and humourless and giving 1 star reviews b) People complaining about the bad reviews, saying those people 'don't get it', or some other crap like that, and giving 10 star reviews c) People proceeding to crap on other shows and saying how 'clever' or 'smart' this one is, which is usually a good indication of a hipster show and that it is not actually 'smart' or 'clever' and is one to keep away from.The thing is, I liked Bob's Burgers, and found it funny at points, but the more it kept going on, the more I figured what was off about it. The characters.The characters in this series feel so written. And what I mean by that is, that they feel like ingredients plugged into something to create a formula, rather than something natural. I wouldn't mind so much, but I feel constantly aware of that fact, it actually makes me appreciate how well done the Simpsons were. The big problem with The Simpsons was that it was stuck in a loop. Characters barely changed, because if they did, the formula would change, and you can't have the formula change because you've made a machine that needs to run for a set amount of time or as long as possible and people like this formula and never want it to change because it's what works, and Bob's Burgers is pretty much like that now. It's claiming to be a show about a down on his luck burger place owner that's struggling to make ends meet, but quite a bit of situations should just bankrupt him outright. But the loop resets every episode, and every character goes back to their places to repeat the formula.The situations the family finds themselves in are mildly entertaining, nothing really extravagant, but sometimes imaginative. The writing can be funny at times, the characters feel too written and really just feel like something a writer would write,not a problem with that, just that it feels too obvious. The characters outside the family are somewhat interesting, though again, nothing too out of the ordinary or would blow me away.I guess I'm too old for this or have watched too many of these shows now, as I see nothing here worthy of merit. It is entertaining enough to earn a 7, but it never rises above any of the better animated TV shows,nor does anything original or feel that special within them, so it's just worth a 6. I guess if you can find something to relate to in here, or like cringy or awkward humour(some people have said dry humour, this is American dry humour rather than English dry humour though, if that makes sense) if you're a fan of Home Movies you'll find something here, but I liked Home Movies and this didn't do it for me, not fully anyway. I feel it was just missing that poignancy and heart that so many of the others shows have. The attempts at poignancy and heart here just feels so rote. But like I said, maybe I'm too old and watched too many of these type of shows for Bob's Burgers to make any meaningful impact on me.

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    Bele Torso

    Gene and Louise are too over the top. I don't like the character of Gene much and Louise is too over-the-top, that said, the three remaining characters and supporting characters are very strong. The Simpsons took detailed writing to another level, Bob's Burgers does the same but with nuances. Comedy is all about timing and space. Now that I think of it, Linda needs to sing less. Gets old...again, timing.What we have here are very creative scripts. My least favorite character was Tina...didn't't get here, then she becomes a one-of-a-kind character, which is very rare. I cannot think of any other character on TV or movies that communicate what Tina does. She is just very unique, transparent, honest, and loving. Bob's Burger is about family without going so "modern" and obnoxious. We still have strong parents that allow each child to be fully themselves.

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