Dawson's Creek
Dawson's Creek
TV-PG | 20 January 1998 (USA)

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    Lack of good storyline.


    Very interesting film. Was caught on the premise when seeing the trailer but unsure as to what the outcome would be for the showing. As it turns out, it was a very good film.

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    Maleeha Vincent

    It's funny, it's tense, it features two great performances from two actors and the director expertly creates a web of odd tension where you actually don't know what is happening for the majority of the run time.

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    The movie turns out to be a little better than the average. Starting from a romantic formula often seen in the cinema, it ends in the most predictable (and somewhat bland) way.

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    I watched this in high school until I graduated in 2001. I can't remember the ending so I believe that I stopped watching once I graduated. I rewatched it on Hulu and it's amazing how simple life was back then. No cell phones! We actually hung out with friends and talked to people IN PERSON. I love how PG this show is. So innocent. Sure there are hints of sex scenes but they cut from simply kissing to the aftermath of simply laying next to the person. The shows today are a little more risqué. I enjoyed this show as a teen and I enjoyed rewatching it and remembering the "good ole days" of my youth.

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    I never post reviews. I came upon this show out of recommendations from friends and Hulu. This show is a very typical teenage drama but the only difference is I absolutely HATE the main character. Dawson says things like "Period. End of sentence, dissertation, and postmodern diatribe", "I'm 16 years old and so hopelessly lonely" he is self-involved, sex obsessed and when things don't go his way is a whiny, petulant jerk. Joey isn't really any better in the first two episodes you see that she is also just as self involved and a mean girl to the new girl in town just because Dawson is interested in her. Asking her questions like "are you a virgin because Dawson is a virgin" and this is within the first two episodes. Seriously! Who acts like this!! What is wrong with these people! No wonder they are each other's best friends! On the bright side i do like pacey. His storyline is a bit dramatic (duh this is a teen drama) but a much more likeable character overall. He is upfront about his feelings and doesn't lie to get what he wants or manipulate people to get a reaction.

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    Iwatched this show when it aired in the Netherlands some time ago and was hooked i takes you on a ride though a teenage fantasy most of us would like to have experienced. I guess some of the more negative reviews above just wont admit that but up to season 6 its most brilliant and then comes season 6 witch makes me believe they knew from the start this was the last season and i think they made a lot of episodes in this season just to fill it up to the 24. Suddenly i started skipping and forwarding episodes some of them were badly written but most of all i missed that thrill and excitement compassion and emotion the first 5 seasons brought me. And then the final 4 episodes they were ...... really good again like first 4 seasons good and it pulled me in again completely wrapping up storyline bringing the set back to were it all started and i totally loved it till the last 3 minutes PLEASE PLEASE let the person who gave the words LETS GO WITH THIS ENDING to the last 3 minutes never write or approve an ending again it was weak unexpected (and i guess that was the id) but please never do that again it was a total buzz-kill it felt bad its like Starwars the Jedi returns end with a Darth Vader victory or like Olivia Newton John end up with the Kiniky dude in Grease its not a horror movie in this kind of series give the viewers what they want and not what the popularity charts show because i think thats the case here everyone loves this Pacey i think after Holmes he was the most popular of the show and they took that in consideration when they wrote the last episodes and that was WRONG. A ending like this works in a horror i guess but not in a series like this and that was a major disappointment for me i i really hate that for something so good so thrilling so existing and at times really pulling you into the emotion of the moment to end so numb. Do me and many others a favor make a seventh season most actors on the show and got anything going anyway at the moment make it right place it a few years later like in the dream scene of Dawson at the beginning of season 6 and go from there and do it RIGHT THIS TIME show us that it can be done!!!Ending with a little footnote i do appreciate that they at least tried to put an ending to a show because thats rare these days not ending a TV-series in a proper way is an insult to viewers in my opinion and most series these days just get canceled and that is just a shame.last minute edit: on a famous video broadcasting site YT you can search for "Alternate Dawson's Creek series finale" i think its craeative and comes closer to the id i have for a proper ending.

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    I haven't seen the first season for about 10 years. It was refreshing to see it again and fall in love again. The show isn't a masterpiece and there are bright spots and dull ones – like any show there are great episodse and sucky ones too. But this show is enjoyable entertainment, and for me it's like a guilty pleasure except I know too many people who love it to feel guilty. The D/J romance is actually handled well in Season 1. I would have liked more Pacey, but it is also good to see the adults play a larger role earlier on. I find the Mitch/Gale relationship to be very real. Season 2 is an excellent season overall. I enjoyed watching Pacey's growth and change. He really shone (and Joshua Jackson is amazing). It was great to see the new characters, Jack and Andie. The only downside I would say is that the Dawson/Joey romance gets repedative. It was okay in the early episodes of the seasons, but boring when they had another go at it near the end.Season 3 is my favourite season of Dawson's Creek, and the best. Why? Quite simply, because of Pacey and Joey. It is absolutely wonderful, enjoyable and satisfying to see their journey from reluctant friends, to closer friends to lovers. Much credit needs to go to Joshua Jackson for his portrayal of Pacey, as we go with him on his roller-coaster ride of emotions. He made the audience not only sympathize with Pacey's turmoil and pain of falling in love with his best friend's girl, but in being able to see Joey through his eyes… what it was about her that made him fall so madly in love. Katie Holmes steps up too, and has great chemistry with JJ. Unfortunately James Van Der Beek doesn't fare as well… Dawson often comes across as a petulant child. Season 4 follows the kid's last year in high school. Gale and Mitch are now reunited, and Joey and Pacey continue their romance. There are bumps along the way, but P/J always light up the screen and Joshua Jackson once again brings his talent for all to see. Katie Holmes shines when she's with him, they have great chemistry. Season 5 and 6 take a noticeable dive in quality with some not-so-believable plot lines, such as Pacey becoming a stockbroker. I think the writers really struggled with the move from high school to college and it shows, unfortunately. The best episodes of the last two seasons are the final 2 from season 6 and the last episodes of the series. We jump 5 years ahead to see the DC kids more mature, and get a resolution to the D/J vs. P/J love triangle that has been so prominent since season 3. Once again though, the best parts are definitely the Pacey and Joey scenes. Michelle Williams acts her ass off and brings the heartbreak, but in the end it's a satisfying conclusion to one of my beloved shows.

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