TV-14 | 16 November 2004 (USA)

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    the audience applauded




    In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.

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    This is one of the few movies I've ever seen where the whole audience broke into spontaneous, loud applause a third of the way in.

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    It's my first time ever writing a review on a movie. I just had to write this because of how amazing this show is. Especially season 4, I couldn't stop watching the show. the competitive nature and infinitely complicated and creative diagnoses and all the drama between House and his subordinates, House and Cuddy, and job applicants were all amazing. Before watching this show, I tried watching Grey's Anatomy but I couldn't watch more than a few episodes because of the overall low quality of the show. House, however, actually made me pay good money for each episode(I almost never pay to watch shows/movies) because Netflix stopped showing House. After watching every episode of this show, I will probably collect all the DVDs of this show. That's how much I love this show.

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    The show is great if you like the sarcastic and satirical tone of it. There is no plot twist or back-story whatsoever. Only thing that keeps the show on track is Hugh Laurie's quick-witted one-liners.This would have been a lot better if the show would focus on making it a little more realistic, and maybe make the other characters a little more prominent.Overall, this was a great watch for my taste.

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    OK this is a great series of two halfs and both are great its just that i prefer a bit more the first but there might be some people who might prefer the second. The first half from season 1-4 is much more procedural and light hearted, it has a much more comedic tone with good drama in it where House is always right, we see him dealing with the patients of the clinic who go the clinic for silliest problems. The second half from season 5-8 while it doesn't loose completely the sense of humor its gets much more dramatic , its when we see much more character development and see House's addiction and personality have real consequences.The whole 8 seasons have great acting from The Whole cast and the greatest thing is that non of the characters are really completely good but non is totally evil. All have their moments where you love them or hate them. Hugh Laurie is incredible apart from doing great the American accent he can go from comedy to drama in a matter of seconds he has great timing for both genres and like everyone else here Sam makes you love this character that could have been hatted of played by someone else. This is a show for everyone even if you don't like medical shows.

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    -13 looks like a ¬Ącheap-girl". I really stopped watching the series because of her. How can you convince me that she is a MD?! HOW? - Only one facial expression and they took her as a leading actor?! Such a potential for the series.Too bad. Hugh Laurie's Dr. House is the only reason I can sit through this thing. The other characters are annoying. The writing is barely tolerable sometimes. Though perhaps the show's creators intended to make this a show that irritates and exasperates without leaving much satisfaction. They certainly succeeded.

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