L.A. Law
L.A. Law
| 15 September 1986 (USA)
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    So much average


    Good movie, but best of all time? Hardly . . .

    Donald Seymour

    This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.

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    Anoushka Slater

    While it doesn't offer any answers, it both thrills and makes you think.

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    Tall gorgeous handsome sexy six figure prominent attorney with an incredibly great personality and a command on the world that respects him as well as loves the fact that he is young and good looking!! Let's face it girls, where are we going to find a guy this perfect? Steven Eckhold plays the gorgeous hunk attorney who is just too good to be true...This is why he is a television character, and not a real guy just walking around in downtown Los Angeles somewhere!! I love Steven Eckholdt...I loved him in a great number of things, but I really loved him in L.A. Law,,,he is so incredibly handsome and I just go crazy thinking about dating a guy like that...He was the true hunk on L.A. Law and some of the other guys were OK!! Nothing really all that special...Television is of course supposed to be entertainment, and looking at a hunk like Steven Eckholdt is very entertaining to me.. As a matter of fact, Steven Eckholdt would be the perfect blind date...upon feasting my eyes on him and then finding out that he is L.A.'s most prominent attorneys, the first thing I would say to him would be, yes I will marry you!!!

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    Kerplunk. LA Law shows the importance of the executive producer in episodic television. The first few seasons where fantastic. Then David Bochco left. The best part of the first three years is that one never knew who to root for, the most successful characters were the slimiest, the nice guys never got ahead, that's life and LA Law wasn't afraid to say it though it always challenged the audience to consider what this meant. Then Bochco left and the tone of the show changed to something more conventional. Boring. Those who are tired of the simple moralizing which has become standard fare on hour long tv should check out the first few seasons.

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    Hello everyone. I want to say that L.A. Law is the best show on TV. I like it because it is something like Law & Order. I want to get all the addresses, e-mail addresses and their telephones numbers. I want to vote for this show included the cast members. I saw Blair Underwood in the show and I didn't believe it. I also saw him in another show and it is City of Angels, TV series. I want to meet the cast members especially Blair Underwood. He is the best person that I ever saw. Thank you everyone and I will appreciate it.

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    This show had one of the best ensemble casts in recent memory, at least for a drama series. Some fine acting from Larry Drake and others saved what could have been a fluff sex-and-rich-people yuppie drama. Some good courtroom drama is interspersed with decent character stories to make this a watchable drama. What keeps it from being a classic is a half-hearted attempt at social criticism of Los Angeles immorality that just falls flat, as well as a little more gratuitous sex and skin that is just unnecessary.If you happen to catch it in syndicated reruns on cable, watch it. But it isn't worth seeking out on video, unless you really want to see the breakout rolls of Larry Drake and Blair Underwood.

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