Late Show with David Letterman
Late Show with David Letterman
TV-PG | 30 August 1993 (USA)
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    Very disappointed :(


    the audience applauded


    Good movie but grossly overrated


    Best movie ever!


    David Letterman is a show with attitude, Lettermans attitude. UnFortunately his is usually right off target. Dave no longer realizes what his viewers want & dishes it out in generous portions. Johnny Carson is turning over in his grave as Letterman has long departed from what made Carson a success.The problem which has developed is that Johnny Carson has died and he used to feed Lettermen jokes. Carson used to understand that there are lines you do not cross with humor. Letterman has lost that compass someplace.A few years back, I would have thought that Letterman versus either Leno or Conan was a slam dunk. Now it appears it Letterman is getting slam dunked. I would say that maybe he is getting to retirement time, but the problem appears to be deeper than that. Dave has lost something & the only thing I can think of is Carson's wisdom & advice.Still, CBS has never found another alternative for Late Night TV. Letterman is the first & only one CBS has found since running old movies. I shudder to think that "squirrels mating in a cage" & old movies could beat Conan, & then Conan can beat Letterman. The mighty has fallen. Can he come back, or will the squirrels be on CBS soon?Riddle: How do you tell that Letterman is getting out of touch?Answer: Dave tells another lame Sarah Palin joke.Riddle : How Do you tell Letterman is getting enough touch?Answer : He hasn't been hitting on his staff lately.Riddle : Why is Letterman & Rachel Meadow (both white) talking racism on a recent show?Answer: Ratings desperation, time for Letterman to step down.

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    What more can I say?? Dave is witty sharp and very very funny. He beats Leno into a cocked hat. The key for me is that he never has to try to be amusing it just seems to occur naturally. Dave Letterman is a rare talent. As for comments about when Dave should retire well I am sure that the man himself is shrewd enough to know when to bow out gracefully. Hopefully it wont be for sometime yet. It is worth mentioning Paul Schaffer as well here because the chemistry between host and band leader is always amusing. Both men are capable of spontaneity and this makes for such entertaining dialogue. Keep up the good work Dave (and Paul).

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    Dave had one of his worst interviews ever last night with Bill O'Reilly. Dave came across looking foolish and uneducated when trying to debate Bill. He was also extremely rude to Bill. He told Bill that he believes "60% of what Bill says is crap" but then admitted he never watches or listens to Bill's shows!! Dave has become an extreme left-winger in his political views, but can't seem to come around and admit it. Notice how he is never rude to his extreme left-wing guests like Al Franken....only to conservatives like Bill O'Reilly! Dave....stick to comedy. When you try and debate people like Bill O'Reilly it becomes obvious that you're "not the brightest bulb on the circuit!"

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    After watching him lionized in the movie "Late Shift" I started watching David Letterman regularly, prepared to be entertained by an intelligent and witty humorist. What I saw instead was a very smug and self-satisfied performer who seemed to accept his rock star idolization as his due, and, in addition to having a disconcerting resemblance to Richard Nixon, was simply not funny. His monologues were short, wooden, and despite often receiving an explosive response from his adoring audience, were seldom humorous. I kept tuning him in, always imagining that I had previously caught him on a bad night, only to see my initial judgment reinforced over and over again. Not only was Letterman himself not funny, but he seemed bored and impatient with the show itself, as if he felt put upon even to perform. The strange thing is that the show itself is in many ways superior to Leno's Tonight Show - certainly the repartee between Letterman and his band leader lacks the embarrassing, almost pathetic quality of Leno's many vain attempts to make Kevin Eubanks seem witty. The skits are often cleverer than Tonight's heavy handed mockery of both public figures and ordinary Americans. Yet ultimately the program must rise or fall on the strength of its star, and here the laconic Letterman cannot hold a candle to the hyperactive laugh-a-second Leno. In the final analysis, Late Night with David Letterman doesn't work because David Letterman just isn't funny. And oddly enough, he seems to know it.

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