TV-14 | 25 January 2016 (USA)
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    Beautiful, moving film.

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    Yo, there's no way for me to review this film without saying, take your *insert ethnicity + "ass" here* to see this film,like now. You have to see it in order to know what you're really messing with.

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    Mandeep Tyson

    The acting in this movie is really good.

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    It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,

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    Jack Donker

    Luckily the show wasn't cancelled as it has a lot of potential. I love the show, it's fun and simple. However after 3 seasons it does feel time that there is gonna be more progress, and that they go more into the world of Lucifer instead of simply solving some crimes. They did that already way too often. It needs more adventures etc. As we have seen already they have the visual possibilities and they have the right cast for it. It could use a fresh storywriter now it is a Netflix tv show.

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    I'm really happy, that the show was picked up by Netflix. The cast is funny and they are all great actors/actresses. It's just fun to watch. Good writing as well, always with the right sense of humor. So I'm glad about seeing the leading couple (Deckerstar) and the others again in season 4.

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    Why would they cancel this show? And why would they end it the way they did, or did I miss something?! Chloe just found out that Lucifer was actually the devil and he was telling her the truth this whole time. Then they end it with no actual reaction from how she was going to take it all in? No mention of it the last two episodes? Just end the show with an alternate reality!!! WTH! .... Bring the show back please.

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    Thanks Netflix for saving this fantastic show after Fox canceled it last month. Big thanks also must go to the #SaveLucifer crew who really (and understandably) put on their devil face and really made a noise .

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