TV-PG | 09 September 1991 (USA)
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  • Reviews

    Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!

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    Sorry, this movie sucks


    Excellent but underrated film


    Wow! What a bizarre film! Unfortunately the few funny moments there were were quite overshadowed by it's completely weird and random vibe throughout.

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    Created out of a sick lab and on it's 17th season, Maury stays on the air with a combination of guests who are just sick for many of us viewers. Just when you think you have seen it all, yet another strange guest appears. A DNA lab has gotten pretty wealthy just testing people for the show. How one woman remembered more than 10 guys might have been her baby's father, yet none of them were proved to be is amazing in itself and an example of the type of guests that are on this show. Other than a "Chicken Ranch" employee, how many women have taken on more than 10 partners 9 months before they have a baby? Since none of these guys turned out to be the father, we are still wondering.I am afraid this show has proved time and time again that before DNA testing, no one, even the mothers, were sure about who the father of their child was. Worse yet, these tests have also proved how many times a woman would lie about that in order to try and get something they want. Of course there are some themes the show could still hit. How about DNA tests of every woman who had a baby and claimed to have had a fling with any politician? We might be able to get many shows out of that, especially if they can locate some victims of say Anthony Weiner?There are scandals on this show in addition to the DNA tests, but often the tests are quite strange. There was one where a boyfriend suspected that his girls child, their child might actually be his dads child? Then there are the flings and cheating going on which go beyond reason and into the abyss of the human soul.At any rate, this is the kind of trash TV all the folks want to talk about. That is the only reason Maury is in his 17th season, and will have a fine retirement on all the money this stuff has cranked in.

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    Want to watch a show that makes your faith in the human race plummet? Look no further than Maury! The biggest issue is the lack of variety in topics. While other talk shows like Dr. Phil and even Steve Wilkos and Jerry Springer have a variety of topics, Maury has 4 standbys: Who's the Daddy shows, abusive boyfriend/husband shows, wild teen girl episodes, and potpourri (Anything that isn't the three I mentioned.) All of these shows are the same, and if you've seen one episode of one topic, you've damn near seen them all. I mentioned Springer earlier, but even though that's trash TV, at least they don't hide that fact. Maury tries to hide this by claiming to help their guests, be it sending teen brats to boot camp or using the tried and not-so-accurate polygraph tests for lie detector episodes. I'd say Maury is exploiting people down on their luck, but they brought it on themselves; Everyone on the show is deplorable, from the ringmaster of this circus himself, Maury, to the guests who came on their free will to be humiliated on live TV and make foreign countries want us dead, to the obnoxious audience who always consist of the lowest common denominator with free tickets that get advertised during the break. This is a trash heap of a show and a prime display of the worst human beings America has to parade over the airwaves. I feel guilty for even watching enough to write this review, but sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. Case and point, watch something else.

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    This show is the most despicable piece of TV trash I have ever seen. I've been to almost 40 countries, and whenever I can I try to watch some of the local TV programmes. I've seen lots of low quality material. When I was in the US recently, I had the dubious pleasure of enjoying a few Maury shows. How anyone can voluntarily appear on this show is beyond me. From the moment the guest appears on stage it is absolutely clear he will either a) make an ass out of himself b) be ridiculed by the audience c) will receive faked sympathy and compassion by Mr Povichor rather all of the above.The show seems to be all about paternity tests. Apparently there is a choreography to this charade. The couples will abuse each other, the male will insist on not having fathered the baby, the mother will protest against the male's inability to care for the child and so on. Upon hearing the result of the paternity test, the male will either dance and scream in joy or start cursing.The guests on the show seem to be very well aware of the mechanisms of this program, probably being frequent consumers of the show themselves. So being part of this circus freak show seems to be a kind of acknowledgment or even gratification to those people.And amidst this puddle of low social class tragedy sits, like a king dressed in beggars' clothes, Mr. Maury Povich and pretends to have compassion towards these poor sods. Mr. Povich must be a very clever businessman to have run the show for such a long period. Respect to that! But anyone who is to believe he actually cares about what is happening to the people on his show is a dimwit.Bottomline: inhuman charade

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    Maury Povich (or however you spell his name) is a hypocrite because his show sends opposing messages to women. On one show he'll be telling women that dressing like a slut and acting like a slut is wrong and try to reform their ways. Then in another show he'll be supporting former "bullied nerds" now "super skanks". These women have not changed since high school and still have low self esteem and I can't believe he supports them and then tells these other women on other shows that acting like that is wrong.I also find his "are you a man or woman" shows as extremely insulting. Could you imagine be one of those women on that show and being accused by an audience of being a man. It doesn't matter how much you are paid, it still hurts.And I also find his boot camp strategies as retarded since really bad treatment by drill sergeants does not automatically lead to new found respect for yourselves or your body. These people go back to their old ways since they know they are not coming back. This man has no integrity and should be taken off air.

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