Melrose Place
Melrose Place
| 08 July 1992 (USA)

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    Pretty Good

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    Wow! What a bizarre film! Unfortunately the few funny moments there were were quite overshadowed by it's completely weird and random vibe throughout.

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    A story that's too fascinating to pass by...

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    Kien Navarro

    Exactly the movie you think it is, but not the movie you want it to be.

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    a series about everything. love, hate, murder, conspiracies, revenge, passion. as a huge storm. nice characters, powerful women, a kind of elite in middle of dark secrets. and, for the two seasons, seductive characters. a series about the power who seems be the perfect answer to the success of Beverly Hills 90210. but this great enthusiasm of the producers was the basic vulnerability of the series. because the mannerism was the solution to preserve the rhythm, to surprise, to transform each episode in collection of powerful revelations. was it enough ? for give to a real good series the aspect of magazine it was the best option. for preserve the attention of public was the worse solution. but Melrose Place could be a nice memory. and interesting reflection of the life at the top level.

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    One of the best shows of the early 90's it lasted for 7 years. I came across this show as it's currently repeated on five every Saturday morning and I continue to love this show. I knew of this show when it screened during the 90's but couldn't care less at that time I was a huge fan of Beverly Hills 90210 which I'm not a big fan of anymore now. I just enjoy catching up with the lives of the beautiful and gorgeous people of Melrose Place. My favourite character is Alison (Courtney Thorne Smith) but my least favourite is Amanda Woodard (Heather Locklear) she is quite a B****. The cast are brilliant and I love the situations, which the characters go through every week just as our lives aren't as dramatic as these characters. Melrose is Glam but much better than Beverly Hills but as the seasons went on the series got over the top that's when I think it went downhill I think. The best year was the early years. I hope a DVD is released both in the US and the UK, as it was very popular and successful in both sides of the Atlantic. Melrose Place is one of my favourite shows and it's a classic with plenty to enjoy and a place we all wouldn't mind living in.

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    I remember watching the first episode (which was 90 minutes long) and remember all these people I never heard of (with the exception of Grant Show and Courtney Thorne Smith) and I liked it when it first came on with all the adventures that these 20 something year old characters. They didn't have money like "Beverly Hills 90210". They were adults making their lives. And it was typical like having a gay character (Matt which they never did much with) and a token black (Rhonda), all in this gang but it was interesting. I did like Sandy (Amy Locane) and I wish they kept her on as they can, because I did like Jo (Daphne Zuniga), then came along Amanda (Heather Locklear, an almost ageless beauty) who was cunning and shrew with almost all the characters. I loved Jane (Josie Bissett) and I was upset when her mean sister, Sydney (Laura Leighton), did all these things to her (I could never to that to an older sibling and get away with what she did). But it was good. It was the show to watch but it did get boring about how many times could Billy (Andrew Shue, a good looking but a BAAAAD actor) and Allison would get back together. I was glad that Allison put him out of her life and get together with Jake for a while. But I like the issues they had such as childhood abuse and alcoholism that Allison faced. But it was an interesting show. I like Kimberly (Marcia Cross) who went through heaven and earth to be with Michael (Thomas Calabro), only to find him someone after she died. That was sad. But then there was Brooke (Kristin Davis) who I liked as this spoiled little rich girl who snagged Billy away from Allison, married him and made all these mistakes but to wind up falling into the pool. (Anytime they had a cast photo by the pool, they all were there except for Brooke). But I also like Richard, (Patrick Muldoon) till he raped Jane, which was good that Jane was this strong minded character and became obsessive with Jake because of that. But when Taylor (Lisa Rinna, probably the best lips job in Hollywood) came on she spiced it up. Now Billy found love with Samantha (Brooke Langton) and Taylor was that warped lady obsessed with Peter (Jack Wagner). Since Taylor was so evil, she became my favorite. I liked the way she stood up to that she devil Sydney (who took an interest to Kyle (Rob Estes) and made her take her favorite painting out of her restaurant and auction it off. Taylor did wrong to Kyle, but Kyle was wrong by sleeping with Sydney before he found out about her affair with Peter. But the best was there was no more Sydney, because she was so annoying. It was good for a little time more but it was no more the same except for Lexi (Jamie Luner) who did things against Amanda and I always loved that last scene she had with Michael, who wanted to marry her in the pool and she turned him down and told him "You deserve better" - a man who did evil from the second season on could not meet his match. All this drama going on in 1 building or by a beachhouse I would definitely take a residency as a single person.

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    With 4 episodes of Melrose Place being aired on syndication lately, I have become hooked. I watched Melrose Place in my apartment in 1997 and it drew me in then. Now, with a family, I still find that being true, even though I've NEVER been into soap operas. I started watching one episode, and that was the end of it for me. One of the things I enjoy about this show is that I love yuppies. Having been one in the past myself (then kids came into the picture) I love people on the fast track. The other thing is that the show actually shows the characters spending a significant time at WORK - imagine that. That's hard to find in a show...much less a soap.As far as the characters go...I LOVE Josie Bissetts wardrobe - what a beauty! If only I had the courage to hack off my long, dark tresses for that neat, tailored look. However, Jane is a little unforgiving and does have a mean streak in her own way, in spite of that perfectly applied makeup. At least we know that knockouts also can be cheated on! I was shocked to see that she was cheated on by Kimberly...very pretty but hardly a comparison. I loved Kimberly's confident straightforwardness.Laura Leighton is gorgeous. I was never into redheads but she takes the cake. What a doll - transparent innocence and sex appeal in one - a hard combination to beat. She easily became my favorite on the show and I looked forward to her scenes.Michael Mancini keeps my attention...what a hottie!! That sniveling jerk is so gorgeous, no wonder woman fall at his feet in spite of the creep that he's proven himself to be! An actually GOOD doctor, we see him at work in spite of his many 'troubles'. I'll never forget the episode where he blackmailed Amanda into getting his job back by tape recording their conversation, threatening to play it to Dr. Burns (Jack Wagner). That was very intelligent...and too sneaky. The man has no morals.Heather Locklear is a woman who has ALWAYS fascinated me. Such strength,, beauty and ANY role she has played. I love how she stays so composed no matter what's happening. No screaming, yelling, just a confidence that she can handle it. I'd be honored to look like her at that age. The other character who stood out, who I started out liking but ended up not loving too much, is Allison. I love Courtney-Thorne Smith due to her PETA involvement, but her character became whiny and not so nice. She cheats on Billy and leaves him at the altar, then has the nerve to get upset when he pursues a new love interest? I didn't like that at all and her alcohol addiction didn't do much to help only b/c she became so MEAN!!Who else? Jack Wagner was very mature and sexy, and I loved his character too. He was perfect for Amanda and I know he had genuine feelings for her. What a confident doctor deserving of his 'position' on the show!So, watch spite of it's cheap thrills. It isn't the deepest material, but what soap is? Also, reality is stranger than fiction and there's a good possibity that scenes just like in Melrose Place occur all over the world. In any event, you'll find yourself being drawn in once you understand who's who on the show (believe me it does NOT take long) and you'll look at your own life and absolutely LOVE it! :)

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