Top Chef
Top Chef
| 08 March 2006 (USA)
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    Memorable, crazy movie

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    Excellent, smart action film.

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    To all those who have watched it: I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.

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    Rosie Searle

    It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.

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    The chefs who compete in this series are all seasoned and professional and work in top rated restaurants around the country. Until now, I was watching it because I found it interesting that the group of chefs in this series and season were compelling and real to watch. If I was teaching culinary arts, this show would not only be a staple but mandatory in the world of restaurants and culinary fare. The fact that they shop at Whole Foods rather a normal supermarket would have saved them some money. I was rooting for Ariane Duarte in this season and thought she might make it to finals. I won't spoil who gets eliminated when. I think the fact that your colleagues are not voting you out helps a bit. I found them to be supportive of one another during those tough times like students in a class. In fact, Ariane started out on the bottom and suddenly redeemed herself by cooking turkey, lamb, etc., and she won Martha Stewart's choice during a quick challenge and a guest spot on the Today show. But Ariane's luck can change in a matter of days on this show as it does for some other seasoned chefs. Unlike other reality shows, this competitiveness is rather healthier and more entertaining. During their time, they live together while they are working. Their views and comments are often enticing. The culinary world is tough in itself and fiercely competitive just as it is on the show. I wouldn't know because I don't cook but go out to eat in restaurants. I'll probably keep watching this show to see who becomes top chef even though my first choice was let go.

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    I love this reality show, and the food looks great. The chefs are the one's the really get me attached to the show. The first three were good and I was happy for Harold and Hung to win, I thought in Season 2 Marcel should have won over Illan. Marcel did all these stuff a person or a chef couldn't do, Illan did all Spanish. Also Sam should have went to the finale 2. In the 4 Season things really cook up when 2 lovers in Top Chef double there chance. In each season I hated Tiffni, Illan, Howie, and now Lisa. At first she was okay, but when she thew Dale and Andrew under the bus and made them both go home made me sad. Ihope she doesn't go 2 the final, she's a b###h. Lot's of hope to Richard and Stephine. Tom is one tough judge to please, an even harder one is Eric. He is one mean son of a gun, he can take you down with one word. Glad that Ted and Gail are back and the lovely Padma. She really beats season 1's judge. And now the competition continues, watch Top Chef the best cooking show. Never missed one Episode, hope you watch it cause you won't be disappointed.

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    bob the moo

    A group of budding professional chefs come together to compete in a contest to see which of them will become "Top Chef". Each week they have a challenge and a "cook off" with the winner lauded by the panel of judges, while the individual deemed the weakest is sent home and takes no further part in the competition.Yes, here we are in familiar territory with the reality contest model of a group of gradually dwindling people competing for a dream job. Fans of America's Next Top Model will recognise it and I'm sure it has been done many times in other guises in shows I just not aware of. Like ANTM, the contestants want to get a major jump in their chosen career and compete to get it. Each week we have the challenges, the in-fighting, the tensions and then the removal of one of the group. It is a winning approach so I can understand why others have just tried to apply that model to other disciplines – in this case cookery.As with ANTM, the subject isn't really important because it the show is driven by the tension tensions between the characters. It may be clever editing but the most is made of the minor snaps at one another and the "diary room" comments are used to feed the minor fire. As such it is engaging enough guff that I find easy to watch without actually having to commit any emotion or brain power in watching. Everyone hates some characters and likes others and this is where the entertainment comes from. I confess that I found the judges quite dull and lacking in the sort of character and extremes that other similarly structured shows tend to have.Overall then a fairly derivative affair perhaps but it is a formula that works and those that like this short of show will enjoy it. For my money though, it is distracting enough nonsense but nothing that I remember for more than five minutes after watching an episode.

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    This show is just so much fun! You can root for your favorites and rag on the ones you don't like. I have found that my favorites change as the show moves on, but there are some I simply did not like, right from the start. The first few episodes were kind of "getting to know the players" episodes. Then I chose Elan as the most likely to win. He just seemed to be the most professional of the bunch. Now, mid-season, I have changed my favorite three or four times. Now I'm torn between Elan, Cliff, and Sam. Then again, I think Marcel has real pizazz! He also has real potential as a celebrity chef. But who knows where it will go. Each week, I await the next episode eagerly. And not just incidentally, they cook some pretty amazing stuff. I really can't wait till this comes out on DVD.

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