Captain America: Civil War
Captain America: Civil War
PG-13 | 06 May 2016 (USA)
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Following the events of Age of Ultron, the collective governments of the world pass an act designed to regulate all superhuman activity. This polarizes opinion amongst the Avengers, causing two factions to side with Iron Man or Captain America, which causes an epic battle between former allies.

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Best movie of this year hands down!


Good start, but then it gets ruined

Kien Navarro

Exactly the movie you think it is, but not the movie you want it to be.

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A clunky actioner with a handful of cool moments.


I have to say i do enjoy these pop corn flick's but some characters really bore the pants of me! captain america for starters! all i can say is thank god for ANT-MAN loved the part he had in this film!

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Collateral damage comes home to roost for the Avengers. Some agree to being controlled others do not. It's an interesting, topical story direction and it's a more mature and substantive picture for it. This time all the fighting sequences have a little more purpose, showing the dynamics of their abilities, and while the set pieces go on too long, they are impressive. One drawback is tension dwindles because we are not convince why these allies are opposing each other with lethal intent. Also, what the producers gain in satisfying its growing audience, those unaccustomed to the Marvel Universe films will feel its overstuffed with characters.

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Most of the critical reviews are by fanboys. For the most part they're right about the silly premise. If you're in the business of saving the world/galaxy/universe, you are the competent governing authority philosophically, morally, legally. By what right can the UN claim authority? They have no mandate or competence to deal with such tasks. Many of their members are illegitimate or obsolete shells. The US isn't really a country anymore than the EU is. Feudalism 2.0 has landed in the West with both feet. With geography being much less important to the wielding of power than feudalism's first go round. Then we're treated to Vision's brilliant theory that since the number of heroes has increased that's responsible for the increase in super villains and ET invasions. Now you could have had realistic premise for an internecine conflict. The Avengers stage a false flag attack to raise money for their retirement. Ironically that's what this movie is really about anyway.

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So... after a non-stop run of sequential violence (That's the story line of Marvell), now comes the PC curve, really? Trying to hit the brakes, and do a cerebral attempt at a show, is a noble change up (not really), but doesn't work. it smacks of raw inauthenticity; it's the Marvel style and now a writer wants to be PC and sincere(?) Never mind the convention to be violent and then say you're not, and make the viewer feel guilty. Never mind the violent-tepid-violent frame, which throws the viewer off (it's like domestic violence syndrome... victim calls police, they show up, offender immediately feigns calmness and points to hysterical victim, which is what cops only see. And victim is at fault for thinking that!). Never mind that hypocrisy. At least make sense whilst being confusing. An Accord? Aliens blew up the world each move, Heros battle (gee, can't imagine why any global damage spillover), and so get rid of Avengers...? They should have said, "Okay", and go hide. See what happens. How about next time an alien race invades earth, the General stops them and has them sign a damage control accord. Maybe asks them to say "sorry" whilst they are fulfilling their agenda on destruction. Yeah, that feels right. And, in the story line, only Capt. Amer. sees footage? No one else sees the security camera of "psychiatrist:, just go to war. Man, we had enough of that damn Stark conceited arse! (like previous movie said, he can't tell the difference between creating and destroying the world. That's who should be deciding things?) "Now, lets be sensitive...unless we're not, but feel should be, while not to be... unless saying sorry, but don't...". Same approach-avoidant contradictions. What you bet, to mix you up with Marvel's writer hypocrisy, the next epic movie is usual stock violence again. Hey, wait... it is! (Infinity Wars). (From the nice old comic writer that brings you Jessica Jones).

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