Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice
Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice
R | 29 January 1992 (USA)
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Arriving in Gatlin, Nebraska, a news-reporter and his son get wind of a story about the youth in the town murdering their parents finds that a series of brutal murders are revealed to be worshipers of the corn-stalks and try to stop them before they carry out their plans.


one of my absolute favorites!


It's not great by any means, but it's a pretty good movie that didn't leave me filled with regret for investing time in it.

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Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.

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what a terribly boring film. I'm sorry but this is absolutely not deserving of best picture and will be forgotten quickly. Entertaining and engaging cinema? No. Nothing performances with flat faces and mistaking silence for subtlety.

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Eric Stevenson

This was the last "Children Of The Corn" movie to be released in theaters. Professional movie critics are certainly glad, although there are some who review direct to video stuff. Anyway, the original at least had Isaac in an entertainingly stupid role, but this really has nothing. I think the only decent actor is the Native American guy. The plot is that the kids are killing the adults again and sacrificing people. Yeah, pointless as that's what happened in the first movie.This woman mentions that her husband disappeared 15 years ago and that's why she's moving. Why didn't she move 15 years ago? As far as I know, Stephen King isn't a critic of religion, but this did come off as anti-religious. We get stupid ways for people to die like an old lady who crashes through a window after being hit by a car. It's as silly as it sounds. There's just nothing new and it's a shame this series went on forever. *1/2

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Arriving in Gatlin, Nebraska, a news-reporter and his son get wind of a story about the youth in the town murdering their parents finds that a series of brutal murders are revealed to be worshipers of the corn-stalks and try to stop them before they carry out their plans.While not a completely worthless sequel, it does have enough to make it interesting without being all that terrible. One thing it does do right is play around with the supernatural better than expected and did have some good moments to it featuring this. The very first attack in the cornfield is really fun as the howling wind and strange lightning blasts befalling the reporters while they're in the corn rows before the huge tree falls into the area, while other really good action moments are packed in amongst the other supernatural occurrences here as house-falling sequence and the scene in the church provide some fun since they involve a great amount of suspense. There's even a few other really good scenes that come from the different meetings held among the corn-stalks, and a really tense moment later on where a couple make a particularly gruesome discovery among the corn that provides a good shock that comes out of nowhere. Even better than that is where the remaining adults are trapped inside a burning building, which is one of the better scenes in the film with the fire and the panic providing plenty to like.The last big plus is the finale, which is just all sorts of good cheesy action-packed fun, some wonderful ideas and an overall really great way to end the film. All-in-all, this is just cheesy good fun. This one wasn't that bad, but there were a few problems. The most obvious one is the flaw concerning the back- story. It's implied to be a continuation of the first one, where the survivors are bused into foster homes of a neighboring town, yet that raises a few problems. Firstly, it's never stated whether or not this was true despite giving plenty of evidence that this was the case. The events of what happened there were well-known, yet the children here are allowed to go away without being questioned, as well as having a method of still getting in touch with each other quite easily which simply makes their rampage later on seem all the more out-of-place when it echoes what happened before in the the other town. Those doesn't make any sense at all and are quite annoying. There's also the fact that the pacing is a little off, as the romance angles cut into the middle of the film when the mysterious stuff starts happening, and way too much times goes by before anyone thinks anything is going wrong. The biggest one, though, is that it's way too cheesy. The film's concept and several of it's big action scenes do reek of cheese, and the film as a whole does reflect this. These really keep the film down somewhat.Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity and mild sex scenes.

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This was a fine follow up sequel in the corn series that picks up a week later where the kids are being transported by his to a new town nearby.What made this special is it follows the themes of the first film and becomes its own entity. Its actually creepy, suspenseful and the acting isn't shabbyThe school house going up in flames like the kids watch or when the doctor is being stalked is nightmarish.Some of the death scenes are a bit ridiculous like the remote control wheel chair and the wicked witch death being reused to kill an old teacher who left Galin before the massacre and trust the teenagers for killing the their parents.Another plot that can be confusing is an old Indian who talks about a legend of wild kids who killed their parents and the men talking about a pesticide in the corn that drives people crazy.Are they saying the corn God isn't real or does he infect his followers by eating the corn against their will? Another submit is a bit who gates his father for Not spending time with him and tries to rebel only to bond after he's saved from the final sacrifice. A common theme of parents and kids at odds.Its a step down from the first, but it was a wonderful follow up and really expanded up on the mythology.

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I was fifteen when I first saw Children of the Corn 2. And I loved it. Then again, I hadn't seen much horror at the time. However, over twenty years later and I find myself realising how little I knew about decent cinema when I was a teenager.Don't get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed Children of the Corn 2 yet again, but now I found myself laughing heartily all the way though. Seriously, some comedies don't make me laugh as much as this film did (now, in the cold light of my adulthood).If you can ignore the use of the word 'final' in the title (there are about four more Children of the Corn films afterwards) and be prepared not to take this story that seriously, you may just enjoy some of the most ludicrous death scenes ever committed on the elderly. The story follows a boy and his single parent father, coming to the nearby town in search of a story as to what happened to the adults who were now found to have been murdered by the children of the town. Once this pair arrive, both instantly fall in love with beautiful women and discover that a young lad by the name of Micha, leads a group of local children to stare intently at adults before dropping houses on them. If you watch this movie you will realise it has some of the most intense staring ever committed to film. Besides the beautiful women and staring brats, there's also a wise old native American, some 'Predator-vision' from the monster (or 'he who hides behind the rows') and a sheriff who tries to kill people like he was a Bond villain.How this film was supposed to be taken seriously, I'll never know. Just know what you're getting before you watch this. Take the biggest pinch of salt you'll ever take, suspend your disbelief like you never have before and sit back and enjoy one of the most daftly funny horror films ever made.

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