NR | 20 September 2013 (USA)
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Smitten with a Jewish woman, a gentile asks his Jewish pal to advise him on how to act like a member of the community.


As Good As It Gets


The film makes a home in your brain and the only cure is to see it again.

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The film creates a perfect balance between action and depth of basic needs, in the midst of an infertile atmosphere.

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Kien Navarro

Exactly the movie you think it is, but not the movie you want it to be.

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Jewtopia had some really hilarious scenes, along with some uncomfortable ones. REALLY uncomfortable ones, like the guy (Christian) saying offensive things (without realizing they were offensive, mostly because he is kind of clueless on the social scale). The bigger, unredeemable problem, is that after he says the offensive things, he calls the woman (Alison) about 20 times, and she tells him to not call her anymore. So Christian gets his employee friends to help him stalk her parents, as part of the effort to win her back. BOY MEETS GIRL, GIRL REJECTS BOY, BOY STALKS HER FAMILY, BOY WINS HER BACK: BAD FORMULA. AND IT DIDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN. He could've only called her a few times, realized he was being rejected, moved on to the manipulation (still a little slimy, but completely forgivable in this type of irreverent comedy). Even giving it further benefit of the doubt and saying an irreverent comedy CAN go that far, going that far is what took it from funny to uncomfortable, and therefore less funny.

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Self deprecating humor can be funny. Poking fun at your ethnicity's stereotypes can make you smile if done with affection and talent. I figured the large cast of well known actors meant this would be a good attempt at such screenplay. I guess I was expecting a Jewish "My big fat Greek wedding". Boy was I wrong.What a stinker. Poorly written, poorly directed, over the top writing and, with a few exceptions, over the top acting make this little more than a string of Jewish (and Christian) family caricatures. It feels amateurish. To be clear, when I call this offensive, I'm not referring to the insulting ethnic stereotypes and jokes. I mean the movie was an offensive to me as the audience. Half way through all I could think of was "how did they get this many people to lend their reputations to this poorly written, over-acted, poorly cast, sophomoric attempt at humor?" Jack-ass and Bad Grandpa meets It's a mad mad mad mad world - with worse acting.By the end it felt like I watched a "film" made by a bunch of drunk/stoned twenty- somethings with a camera who think themselves insanely funny and talented the louder and more obnoxious they act. Too bad I watched it sober.

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So the name caught my eye, and truthfully I had to watch the trailer because of the Big name cast, with some great comedic actors. If you like movies that require little thought and do not rely on poor language, gross-out jokes or sexually explicit humor, this is a great movie. With a name like Jewtopia, the movie delivers exactly what it promises- a movie based on stereotypes that laughs societal differences and misconceptions.The movie is easily comparable to Rat Race, Movie 43, Top Secret and many of the late model Mel Brooks Movies....While the movie may never be a classic, there are plenty funny character interactions, racial stereotypes and gag humor to carry the movie on as a Saturday afternoon staple.

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Saw the film in Newport Beach on April 26th - was told it was the World Premiere. I didn't know what I was in for and wasn't aware that Jewtopia had been a play. I was so pleasantly surprised. The cast is really great and I have a girl crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt who is so hot in the movie...and Ivan Sergei. There's also Jon Lovitz who I forgot how brilliantly funny he was - so many one liners that had me laughing. The story felt a tiny bit scattered at times but the pacing was so fast and furious that I never had a moment to catch my breathe...which I liked. There are some truly outrageously funny moments and also some really sweet ones. I was there with my boyfriend who took me as a night on the town and he really enjoyed Jewtopia too. I recommend it.

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