Source Code
Source Code
PG-13 | 30 March 2011 (USA)
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Decorated soldier Captain Colter Stevens wakes up in the body of an unknown man, discovering he's involved in a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. He learns he's part of a top-secret experimental program that enables him to experience the final 8 minutes of another person's life. Colter re-lives the train incident over and over again, gathering more clues each time.

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Anish Misra

Source Code is a film directed by Duncan Jones. I had this film on the back of my mind. So I decided yesterday night to actually watch the film. And man, I was highly impressed.Plot: Colter Stevens is sent into a computed reality to find a bomber on a train.Story and direction: I have seen many time travel movies but none like this. The concept was fantastic. Kudos to writer Ben Ripley and director Duncan Jones for successfully creating a world where this is possible. Every second is utilized properly. Never do you feel bored in this 90 minute film. Also the characterization is so perfect. For every minute of the film, you feel for your lead character. You are connected with the character on screen. Also, I didn't see any sort of trailer for this film, which was an added advantage as I could enjoy the film very nicely. Also the editing was razor sharp and crisp. It felt like a nice flow, which is what makes a film believe-able. The cinematography is awesome too. But there were some flaws for me. The VFX was a bit fake. I could know in some scenes where green screens were actually used. Also towards the climax, the film felt a little bit cliched.Performances: Jake Gyllenhaal has always impressed me and he cotinued to do in this film too. He acted his role so perfectly. Michelle Monaghan was also good for the part given to her. Vera Farmiga was also impressive. The complexity given to her added a different layer to her character that accentuated her performance too. Jeffrey Wright was good too. Favorite Scene: No spoilers, but there is a phone call scene during the climax of the film which really touched me. That displayed Jake Gyllenhaal's character at his peak.Verdict: This film was a great use of my 90 minutes. While watching the film I was never bored. This is a highly recommended film for those who like mind-bending movies. I assure you it is worth a watch.I am going with an 8.5/10.

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I really like Duncan Jones movies, the movie moves on really great, history and mistery is great 90% of time, do not look too original, but is agile and good to watch. Jake made a good acting like him always do, not him top 10 but still good, the rest of the cast is good too, it's a small cast, but this is not really a problem, i like small cast.But there are several things about the movie they do not explain clearly, and i understand what they wanted do it this, but if everything was more simple like it supposed to be, the movie would conclude a lot better, had a time close to the end to be a perfect ending for the movie, and I'm said to the screen, well done Ducan Jones, end now... now... stop... and they did not have the guts to end the movie at that point, and they appeal to the "hollywood way" everything's gonna be okay, this is not traggic, forget about, and ending ... why? Despite this, this is not a bad movie.

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The original meaning of the term "Science Fiction" was basically that the writer assumes some major scientific or engineering breakthrough has been made, and then writes a scientifically coherent story that illustrates the impact that this fictional development has. Most so-called "Sci-Fi" is NOT Science Fiction at all, it's basically Cowboy stories in spacesuits. I don't see anything at all wrong with the ending; it might be a tad too feel-good for some sad souls, but the whole point is, this is a story centered around a brand new technology that the users still barely understand; it doesn't have to follow somebody's clod ideas of "common sense." Apparently science doing unexpected things is only acceptable if it does the WRONG thing.... To me the most haunting scene lasted just a couple of seconds, where we saw that the previous animated conversation between Stevens and Goodwin consisted of nothing more than chatroom-like text on a computer screen. The rest was just an illusion generated by the computer.

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The premise of "Source Code" is that Gyllenhaal's Colter Stevens character can replace the last eight minutes of consciousness of a person who is about to die. The person in question is killed in a terrorist bombing of a train, and Stevens is tasked with repeating the eight minutes continuously until he identifies the bomber. The clock is ticking, as there is a second bomb to be found and Stephens' subjective eight minutes is eight minutes in real-time. Similar to "Edge of Tomorrow" and "Groundhog Day", this is a time-loop scenario where the traveller gets to learn from his mistakes and enters each new iteration with a fresh perspective. Despite an early implication that Stevens' only has eight minutes regardless of what happens (in one case he is hit by another train as the 8 minutes end), later it seems that he can go on beyond eight minutes, as each iteration creates a new, alternate reality, and he finally creates one where the bomb is defused and the terrorist captured. Unlike most time travel scenarios, creating alternate universes at decision points doesn't necessarily create paradoxes, but there are some issues conveniently ignored by the writer (and characters): what happened to the consciousness of the person whose body Stevens took over (especially in the 'new' reality where Stevens appears about to live out his life in the requisitioned body) and since the 'donor' didn't die in this 'new' reality, how/why would the source code work (I guess that this is similar to a time travel paradox - you can't save the person as they have to die to enable you to save them)). There is a freeze-frame scene at the end of the last 'eight minute' that teases you into thinking that that is how the movie ends (Stevens frozen in a time loop where he, and everyone around him, are happy) – then the movie continues into the 'new reality'. IMO, closing on the freeze frame would have been a much better ending.

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