Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds
TV-MA | 22 September 2005 (USA)
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    Wonderful Movie


    Simply A Masterpiece


    Fanciful, disturbing, and wildly original, it announces the arrival of a fresh, bold voice in American cinema.

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    The movie really just wants to entertain people.

    Alice C

    This used to be a great show, with great characters and story lines. It has more or less followed the trajectory of L&O SVU. The main characters slowly left, they ran out of original storylines and the writing and new casting was taken over by SJW types. Case in point, most stories now have a political agenda like using a different acronym for ACLU starting with an A so there is no misunderstanding and having them attacked by a right wing extremist white supremacist group. Yeah, no political agenda there. And the cast now has no chemistry and is just a mix of token representations of an Asian, an African American, women, wussy men etc. There is no manly men on this show anymore. There are no characters you care about or storylines of any interest. You just get ripped from the headline hit pieces and liberal talking points promoting illegal immigration, knocking traditional values etc. This is officinally no longer on the DVR to record. Not even accidentally funny, just a cautionary tale on what happens when a show goes on too long and is hijacked with PC BS.

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    Absolutely love it! Have watched every episode and never get sick of it. Thought it would lose steam once Morgan and Hotch left but nope! Still awesome!!

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    Is this great series about to end? The latest episode has almost everyone being shipped off or retired. The new "boss" is awful. This show used to be one of my favorites, but after this last episode, if something doesn't change so all the characters get to stay together, I'll probably stop watching.

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    No telling where the neo Nazi influence of this sick TV series is from creator Davis or star Mantegna, but it can't be denied. It's strictly preaching hate and neo Nazi ideology. All that I've ever seen on this TV show is the relentless butchering of young beautiful women with dark hair, eyes, and skin. It's completely depressing to the men who aren't totally brainwashed already by the neo Nazi Hollywood agenda, though no doubt the women love to see the preaching of wiping out the competition. One would think the dialog itself would turn people off. Like all the other such shows, the dialog is "unnatural", poorly written, and the actors and actresses speak way too fast to possibly be understood, let alone natural. It is literally impossible to understand people speaking that fast. The show relies totally on closed caption, and there one can plainly see the poor writing of dialog. This is no surprise. The poor writers were long ago inducted into the highest positions in Hollywood, and now they are the "judges", so only poor writing of dialog makes the first cut to begin with. Creativity, talent, and inspiration go totally out the window due to the jealousy of the idiots in the board rooms. There is nothing credible about the show, and to top off the horrible dialog and horrible delivery, there is the horrible "contrivance" of plot to fit what the feeble minded people involved want to preach. It's all terribly contrived to fit their narrow scope. You cannot possibly watch this without groaning, unless you are on the same drugs that the cast and writers are on. Hard to get worse than this, and in 20 years, when the idiots involved in this crap are venerated as "experts", they'll continue to advance more lack of talent, more lack of inspiration, and more lack of excitement. One would think their dullness and relentless self righteousness in their dullness would end their careers, but the emperors have no clothes, and these emperors are ugly.

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