The New Batman Adventures
The New Batman Adventures
TV-PG | 13 September 1997 (USA)
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    Best movie of this year hands down!


    Strong and Moving!


    Pretty good movie overall. First half was nothing special but it got better as it went along.

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    Jonah Abbott

    There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.

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    Okay, I LOVED the original TAS. I simply liked New adventures. There were just so many nagging things in the new series that annoyed me.1. Batman's new dark attitude made him less appealing--that goes for Dick too. Their characters made this leap into a dark and much too serious tone for my tastes. Seriously? Where was the fun? The quips. Gone.2.I did not like the new designs. Especially for my favorite villain (the joker). The new designs were just so sharp and pointy and it was really hard for me to get over the fact that the joker had no pupils and everyone pretty much had no chin. I could go on forever but I'll make it short and sweet--thumbs down on the "art".3.The story lines were still almost as good, but the the characters didn't follow up. Barbra Gordon seemed slightly out of place whether it was because she was the only character (besides Tim--but he wasn't in the original...thankfully) that retained the positive hero mentality that I loved so much in the original. The voice acting was stupendous as always though thank you Kevin Conroy,Mark Hamill and Mathew Valencia. I don't like Tara Strong's voice but she did fine. Anyway, I think "The Creeper" was one of my favorites from this series because it seemed to go back to a more lighthearted feel. The part were the Creeper totally just punches Batman without looking was hilarious. That and Harley and the Joker get some of their infamous banter that wasn't as dark as in "Mad Love". "Joker's Millions" was much better than "Mad Love" because it shows that Harley's not a complete pushover when she haha 'reprimands' the Joker for trying to replace her. There are moments when the episodes just click, but then the terrible art and the way Batman acts (or doesn't respond at all) just ruin it.Anyway, As far as the story lines go as a whole I think the ones involving the Joker and Harley were the best because that stayed more true to their characters from TAS that I loved so much. On the other hand through out the entire New Adventures series Batman is completely out of balance he's just this cold calculating mess that can't cope without THREE OTHER SIDEKICKS. Batman should have had more lines and actually REACTED to what was happening around him. Instead of standing there with a frown on his face 24/7. Batman lost so much dimension in the new series. Dick is well, to put it bluntly--a dick. Barbra serves almost no purpose simply because she's poorly written into the cast except for "Over the Edge" which I thought was a brilliant use of Barbra's character. Tim Drake is overkill and simply there until "Sins of a Father" when you suddenly realize oh he's here for a reason--to star in this two part thingy. Yay. Not so much. In BTAS Robin wasn't there when his character would be useless but Tim Drake was so relentlessly useless-AND ALWAYS THERE. On a little side note, if Tim Drake's hadn't been cast so young he may not have been so irritating to me. Seriously,he was like:'Tim Drake the toddler'. Too small.4. Overall, it was okay. Without the bad art I might have been able to tolerate Batman and Dicks new extremely cold and negative attitudes and the really annoying addition of Tim Drake. I don't know why they decided to so drastically change everything about the original. The new adventures story lines could have been just as new and fresh without the blah art and the complete revamp of the characters attitudes. So,it's worth the watch but just as fun and dynamic as I would've liked.

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    Two years passed and mostly everyone looks different, some for good and some for worse. I still enjoyed as much as I did the original though.Some flaws they had though like changing the Joker he now has no red lips and looks like more blackish hair and black pupils, hes still voiced by Mark Hamill which is a plus I guess. They made Poison Ivy more white hinting that she is becoming more like a plant and Catwomen looks much different and not as "attractive" as she was in the original.Though costumes like Batman, Batgirl, Killer Croc and Scarecrow look badass, especially Scarecrow.The show isn't as dark as the original because Batman doesn't work as alone as he used to. Most of the time working with Batgirl and the new Robin, Tim Drake. While NightWing(Dick Grayson) comes to the rescue often. Batman gave up the yellow logo and with the black wing on his suit and seems like he got a bit bigger but still kicking tons of ass.The show isn't as good as the original mostly because of some of the revamped characters but the stories are as exciting as ever and the dialogue is still elite. "Over the Edge" might be one of the greatest Batman episodes ever so make sure you check that out.Overall 8-9/10

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    First of all I must admit Batman: The animated series is the best batman series by far. We watched it when it used to be on TV. I didn't realize that there was a season four. Actually there wasn't. BTAS ends with season 3, and it should have stopped there.Why did they have to mess with a good thing. Catwoman and Poison ivy now have terrible grey faces. The Joker looks beyond scary, it seems that each time they revise his appearance he looks more and more creepier. He doesn't seem to have pupils anymore, and now he doesn't even look remotely human (although he is).Bruce Wayne is voiced by Kevin Conroy who does the best batman. Although he now looks like superman. There is nothing that sets him apart because they both look the same, Bruce Wayne now has blue eyes.Night Wing really needs a haircut, please! Alfred just has pupils from eyes, looks more like a character from the 80's.I have watched three episodes from Disc 1 in the series and I already find that this version is more violent and graphic (there is blood in every episode).If you are a fan of Batman: The animated series, there is no batman season 4. They just included this series as season 4 for marketability. If they just released it as The New batman adventures I don't think as many people would have bought it.Save yourself the disappointment and stick to seasons 1-3.

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    One guy called this show the TV equivalent to a bad sequel. I couldn't disagree more, but say what you want about this show... it is still better then every single one of the Batman movies. Nightwing is introduced on this series and hopefully in the next couple of years Bruce Timm will make a Nightwing series. Tim Drake is cool personified. Batgirl on this show is really good and she is the star of one of the best episodes of all the Batman Shows(including The Animated series). In this episode, she is drugged by the Scarecrow and has a dream that she dies and her father, Commissioner Jim Gordon, makes a vow to have Batman killed. For a minute I actually thought that Batgirl had really died and it wasn't until the end of the show that you find out it was all a dream. That was a superb episode. Bruce Timm and his people should be the only people allowed to make animated Batman cartoons. I give Gotham nights a 15/10. It is that damn good.Batman in all of Bruce Timm's incarnations are great. If the movies would have followed this cartoon even a little, they would have been aeon's better then they were. A word to anyone interested in Batman. You want to see real Batman movies? The rent Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Batman and Mr. Freeze: Subzero, and Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. and watch them in the order that I named them. You can't go wrong. And while you are at it, get Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker!

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